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  1. :confused1: How do they get ahold of the print? I am curious to know. The print sometimes looks like the real deal. Some I can tell that its not as bright in color. Anyone know?
  2. I do not know, but I would speculate that the people who make the fabric steal it lol. But, that is just speculation.
  3. I believe they scan it
  4. Heh, that's another possibility.
  5. But what about the "Flowers Spring" part? Do they scan it and then edit it? :confused1: If they do that to avoid "copyrighting" something.. then what about the characters?! It just makes no sense.

    When my boyfriend was in Hong Kong last month he was checking the LeSportsacs there for me. They're way more expensive than Hawaii retail!! But then he said he saw some fakes in the marketplace (LOL I cant believe he could tell they were fakes! He says "all of your bags look the same..") and said he'd get me a fake one if I wanted to (to laugh at). But nah. Waste money.
  6. Yikes, are they that common there? I wonder if our swap meet has caught the fake toki craze yet lol.
  7. lol maybe? I wouldnt want to see someone carrying a fake toki around.. I'd feel bad for them :sad:

    Unless they know its a fake and they're totally fine with it then, thats cool :biggrin:
  8. I've only seen one fake lol...it might be bad, but I found it funny and idk she was acting like she was all that..but whatevs lol.
  9. around the UCs we have a vendor fair once or twice a quarter... so far I think tokidokiannie (if she's the one from UCSD) has ran into the vendor booth that sells fakes and same w/ me... we get pretty much the same vendors so fakes have hit our campuses... *sigh*

    I once saw a person on eBay selling an entire roll of "tokidoki fabric" it looked pretty authentic w/ the lesportsac anti-rip grids but then again back then I was just starting the tokidoki craze!
  10. i just saw 2 fake forestas at lunch today. i actually see a lot more fakes than the real tokidokis here in singapore (ratio is like 2 fakes out of every 3 sightings)... it is very sad, but at the same time, feels good to know all my babies are real :P

    one reason for so many fake sightings is probably cuz of the easier access in asia (esp. since most of the "flower spring" prints are from china/hong kong).

    the other more apparent reason, is the retail price. tokidoki LSS bags are so much more expensive in asia (20 - 30% more) - eg. for ladies in US/european countries, you probably pay about 100 - 200 dollars for an average tokidoki bag.... that converted to asian currency, is almost doubled or tripled in some countries. imagine average folks having to fork out $200 - 1,200++ (local currency) for a tokidoki :wtf:... not everyone can afford to keep up with that kind of spending. a trenino retails for over S$600++ in singapore (that's like a huge chunk of an average person's monthly salary!)

    i guess that's why the fakes are popping up around here more... *sigh*.
  11. Yeah I can see why more people in asia would buy the fakes as opposed to the real thing. The conversion rate when I was in China was like approx. 8 remenbi to $1. On what salary most people make there .. I can't imagine them being able to afford the real thing. They need the money for more important stuff like food and housing and whatnot.
  12. in certain parts of asia, the mentality is pretty different. Purses are not as much of a "status" thing so ppl carry around fakes (ie. LV look-alikes) simply cuz they like the design style and it's a cheaper. Some ppl don't even know or care of fake/real. Brand name stuff is pretty pricey compared to US when i visited 2 years ago. Even still, i think it's SUPER wrong to sell fake things for the price of the real. :yucky: Sellers should advertise correctly and be responsible for knowing if their product is authentic.
  13. i have seen alot of fake tokidoki in bangkok when i was there for holiday last month. but 1 look you can tell that its a fake. the color of the print and the keychain that it comes with are so very fake.