Fakes with Really dark patina

  1. Hi everyone, Ive saw some fakes on ebay which have a really dark patina and look authentic, the other day I just searched Louis Vuitton and a keepall was going off but it was going for £100 about $200. so it was obviously not real and the seller didnt put a store etc. So I was just looking at the pics and I have never saw such a fake with such a dark patina. the bag had only been used once and the cowhide trim was so dark. there was a pic of the strap where the grippy part isand he had moved the grippy part over and under it, it was so light. I swear this is the best fake ive ever saw.
  2. do you have the link to the auction?? may be the seller put authentic bag in the pictures and send the fake one to the buyer..happen all the time.
  3. no sorry Ive not got a link, I only caught a glimpse
  4. or maybe that price is only for the start of auction?
  5. it went off for £100
  6. Maybe it the patina was really dark, the seller was just trying to get rid of it. I see a lot of authentic bags that are just worn out, going for cheap.
  7. it was much lighter than a vintage piece put darker than a new Louis Vuitton
  8. maybe u can post pic of the bag or auction link?
  9. sorry I dont have anything
  10. We can't really give good comments without knowing exactly what's going on with the bag.
  11. Real natural leather will develope a patina even though the bag is fake.
  12. exactly...useless if no pictures..

    Let me find the auction with beautiful patina but it's fake bag..inexperienec can be fooled but not people around here..
  13. The fakers have caught on to the fact that many ppl use thepatina to tell whether a bag is authentic or not. It is not the best way to tell in reality as there are a set of factors involved when it comes to an authentic LV.
  14. apart from the bad printing on the lock it seems real to me :wtf: