Fakes vs real - recent episode of Tyra (Chanel related)

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  1. I don't normally watch her show because while I love Supermodels, she annoys the heck out of me - but that is just me. Anyway she did this show about how to spot a fake from a real and used the Cambon as an example - the problem I have is that while she didn't directly say anything about Chanel - the message I got from Tyra is that it is OK to buy the fake stuff since it is not illegal in the U.S. to do so. Ok - she is a fashion icon and has done a gazillion shows - pls tell me this woman has no clue? She said that some friend of hers gave her a Balenciaga and she had no idea it was a fake until her show when someone pointed out the tell tale signs of a real vs a fake - I mean that is rediculous!!! From someone who is supposed to be some sort of authority figure?? I thought models get these things for free anyway so what is up with celebs/models that are connected and they do stuff like this?? I mean there was a point where she was showing a real dress vs a knock off - the knock off was NOT a fake - it was a copy but did not have the designer label in it - so we all know that stuff happens - then she went and said she supports the store that sells this knock off because it happens to be one of the vendors her show uses when they do make overs!! I mean HELLO??? There is a huge difference b/w a fake and a trickle down similar style garmet sold at places that are discount chains - you know the places that have the 'inspired' looks. I just don't get it.

    Ok a lot of people can't afford the real thing so they buy similar items but they are not knock offs or fakes.

    I guess I can understand Karl when he is flattered by copies but doesn't care for people who steal or copy designs - now I am not sure if he was referring to the trickle down effect of runway inspired clothes or other reputable designers that come out with bags that look exactly like a Chanel. IMO I always thought the Marc Jacob's Stam screamed Chanel - but again that is me.

    Any thoughts?
  2. I am ok with fakes.

    I don't buy them BUT the "fake" industry helps feed hundred and hundred of poor families.

    If Karl Lagerfeld is cool with it, so am I.

    I think people once ask the president of LV the same question. And if I remember correctly, the answer is more or less the same as what Karl Lagerfeld said.
  3. :wtf:
  4. People are entiled to their opinions but I am sorry, the fake industry does not support many poor families - there is child labor and abhorant conditions in the factory - the wages they get paid are shamefull - believe me, I saw it first hand. I am not saying this is the case always but the only people that profit from this have illegal motives in mind.

    NO ONE benefits from fakes.
  5. My friend told me the fake manufacturers are normally involves with other illegal business, like drugs or trading people.
  6. Harley,
    you're absolutely right this bobblehead of a woman has no clue whatsoever!! there is a difference between runway inspired and actiually passing off some disgusting copy as the "real deal" that (the counterfit)isn't cool yet she's passing off 2 totally different issues as the same thing NOT!! what she needs to do is apologise for wearing that FAKE a** balenciaga bag knowingly and not use the my friend gave it to me and I had no idea it was fake routine:rolleyes: give me a break! she's the epitomy of Cheap!!she brags about it all the time, she's just embrassed that as someone in the industry she got call out for supporting fakes!!
  7. I thought this was funny....

  8. the tyra show is kinda controversial. All the information provided was not absolutely true. and im not sure what exactly lagerfeld thinks, but i know that chanel persecutes fake sellers and manufactures, just like LV, big time. its more of a company thing than designer thing. Gabrielle said, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” but that is from a designers point of view. the house of chanel does not share that view.
  9. Well, when you are used to getting things for free there is less appreciation for the product and no need for an education about real versus fake. These celebs aren't shelling out their hard earned cash for expensive designer duds and often have entitlement issues, thinking no one would dare gift them with a fake product. She probably figured the friends who gave her the Balenciaga could afford the authentic bag and therefore didn't question the authenticity.
  10. I can see where you're coming form with this and I agree, Celebs always have that sense of entitlement, but Miss Bobblehead was a model I would think she'd at least have a clue:shrugs:
  11. whats the point of getting rich and famous when once u get there u get most things for free?? lol. i dont understand.
  12. I completely agree!

  13. UGGGHHH I had hoped that everyone would have forgotten this unfortunate! However, I agree with the Courtney Love...would rather go naked...:lol::lol::lol:
  14. Since we all love our bags on tpf, it makes sense that authenticity is important to us. For me, a big part of enjoying my bags is the quality & what I perceive is the artistic value of the real thing.

    I've met people from all walks of life carrying fake Chanels, LV's, etc. I think that people who aren't as purse-loving as we are don't know fake vs. real issues and/or just don't care.
  15. Tyra is simply not an investigative journalist, so I really didn't and don't expect much from her show as its not designed to be that format, she should stick to what she knows and what her researchers do best, makeovers.