Fakes vendor sighting ** so sad **

  1. As my usual morning routine, I dropped off my daughter to her pre-k school and went to Starbucks to get my coffee... passed by this under-construction luxury loft building, I saw a man unpacking a luggage full of Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Totes!! I stopped and stared at them really quickly... don't know the name of the bags, but it is the tote-shape with white canvas and a round blue logo on it... maybe someone can help me out here. I couldn't find it on eLux or LV.com for reference.

    Anyway, they look so real and the only thing that look completely fake are the dustbags. I am still in shock! I can't believe that guy is going to sell them right on the street side!! :cursing: He saw me stare and I quickly walked away :yucky:
  2. Something like this possibly?

    Fakes, ugh :throwup:, but at least they're behind the times.
  3. ^^^^ YES YES YES YES!!!! Thanks for posting the pic!! URGHH!! He has a luggage full of these!!!
  4. Yuck - if he's on private property perhaps you could call the owner? But a public streets it's just up to the police and they can usually boogie out in time.
  5. That's awful, and those totes are one of the most faked LV bags, which is sad because I really like the real ones. These people are annoying, I wish there was a way to stop them...
  6. ^^ I know! I can't stand them selling fakes and it seems like nothing can stop them!
  7. He layed them out on the sidewalk of the side of this luxury-loft condominium which is still under construction... Many contruction workers there, and they don't bother with him. :tdown:
  8. well...its up to individual to decide whether to buy or not...:yes: i agree thye should nto be allowed on the street...
  9. On X-Mas day on 5th Ave all the stores are closed, of course and they street became a haven for people selling fake everything. DVD's of movies just being released, Fake, LV's, Gucci, Prada, cologne. Sorry to say there were busy. So sad to see the windows on LV and people selling the horrible fakes right in front of her
  10. He should be reported to the police or something. That's sick =(
  11. I agree. I always think that when walking down 5th. At least in Chinatown there's no luxury abound ... But on 5th, it's almost ironic.
  12. I walk past streets full of 'em every day!! Not only bags, but jeans, too. Fake designer denim is incredibly hideous.
  13. I experienced someone made fake LV on SAT. My DH and I went to a shoe fixing store. We always take our business to this man, he knows how to do everything. When we came in, there were a young couple there, so we waited for about one minute, then the guy stopped the stuffs in his hand and took care my business. I told him what I want for my flat.... When my husband hand the money to him, I found there is a super fake LV Tango and two cellphone hard cases on the counter. Then I heard the young man ask the fixing guy how long takes him to cut and put the LV canvas and cover the phone case!!!!! I was like what...... shock! Well, at least this "LV phone case" made in usa.
  14. LOL! But that is horrible! That is like bought fake to make more fakes!!
  15. Make me sick to my stomache.