Fakes sold at a beauty salon! Can we report?

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  1. I saw a sale sign for tourmaline blow dryers and chi straighteners at a local beauty salon. When I walked in to inquire I saw many different blow dryer models. Then I saw fake LV wallets and jewelry being displayed, presumably for sale since it was next to the hair stuff.

    I know that it is illegal but who is stopping them? I was really upset and I know that counterfeit hair dryers and irons are also made so I did not buy anything there. The store has lost any credibility it could have had with me.

    I did not confront the store about selling the fakes.

    What would you do? Or what have you done in this situation?
  2. i wonder if we can report them to the police.
  3. There is a consigment store in my area where they sell fake LV, Chanel, & Juicy.. then five feet over they have a glass case with "authentic" items! It blows my mind.
  4. the mall next to campus has a kiosk that sells fake chanel... very blatant. smack between victoria secret's and an apple store. no body seems to care/do anything cuz it's been there for a while.
  5. I have exactly the same situation where I am....the worst part is some of the salespeople really think their fake LVs are real. I try to explain that they're not (like one if the date codes said the the bag was made in like June of 2049 (or maybe 1949?) I just go there for clothes now, looking at the purses makes me sad.
  6. This is very disappointing.
  7. What scares me is that I assume the hair dryers and straighteners are fake too--which is not only wrong but also dangerous to the unknowing purchasers.

    It blows my mind how nonchalantly the items are displayed.

    I feel like returning to snap a picture for TPF.
  8. Yeah go back and snap a picture so we can see the nasty items.......
  9. A local tanning salon sells fakes as well...such obvious fakes---I can't even imagine anyone wanting to buy them!!
  10. There's this girl I know who thinks that just because u buy the bag at the mall, it's real. It's some store where they sell cheapy clothes and fake bags called, "Girlfriends". She said it's the place where she buys all her designer bags lol.
  11. report it imo
  12. absolutely report it. send the info to ipd@louisvuitton.com is the email address for their anti-counterfeiting team. fwiw, i found that address under the world of louis vuitton link off of the main webpage after watching the quick slideshow about counterfeiting.
  13. You could call the LV line or store nearest to you and give them the details. They will take care of it. I did that several times and those shops did get closed down and raided by the police. But pls be careful and don't let them know you are the one who reported them, these people can be dangerous.
  14. Thanks everyone.

    lelliebunny, thank you for the e-mail. I'm bcc'ing my local SA as well. And on 2nd thought I won't be going back to snap some spy shots because I don't want to be caught-lol.
  15. Yes please do report it if you can especially if they are selling counterfeit hair/blow dryers. Not only is it counterfeit and illegal, but someone could seriously get injured or hurt themselves and I don't want that happening. I would report it anonymously to protect your identity.