Fakes SO bad, they aren't even considered fakes?

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  1. OK, we've all seen them. The fakes attempting to have a similar look to LV, but the pattern is SO far off, different symbols, initials & all that... that there is no way anyone would be fooled.

    Are these even considered illegal fakes since there is no way they can be passed off for real?

    I've seen 3 HORRIBLE ones in the past few days. And sadly one of those was right here in my office building. :wtf:

  2. LOL I know what you mean. This bag comes to mind... why even bother??

  3. Im afriad they are only considered "Inspired" and are not copying the Logo or trademark so there is nothig we can do about them lol :flowers:
  4. LOL :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: OMG the Kate Spade/Murakami bag is cracking me up!!!
  5. LOL
  6. OMG! sparkles48, is that trying to be a fake Kate Spade *and* a fake LV cherry blossom?!?! It's two fakes for the price of one! :roflmfao:
  7. oo thats so bad!!!! there are loads of ones in the UK that you can tell are rip offs but they havent got the logos or anything, so like said above they arent considerd fake or anything just *inspired*

  8. SPEEDY LOVERS Look at this cutie!
    I saw this on a trip to greece a few years ago.
  9. OMG the manager of a chain drug store I used to work at sported a bag similar to the fake kate spade above, but it had stripes that were different shades of purple. The Kate Spade logo was hot glue gunned on off-centered and crooked too.
  10. Good Lawd:wtf:
  11. I hate fakes and everything they represent but so called 'inspired' bags don't offend me, you could never mistake them for the real thing and they make me laugh sometimes, but that's all. I saw an old lady last week with an 'inspired' cherry blossom somethin' or other and she had no idea what she was carrying but she obviously loved it so I thought, who am I to judge? :shrugs:
  13. I have seen ads for LV "inspired" bags in USWeekly (in the back). They look like knock offs but there is no "LV" on them. Just gross if you ask me.
  14. interesting thread- i've seen a couple of these just this week- enough to think it might be an lv, take a second look, nope. some interesting handbag styles, too. i don't think the owners (of the ones i saw) were trying to pass anything off, either- i got the impression that they just liked these bags. hmmm...
  15. If I see a person with a fake bag, it does not really bother me because that's THEIR choice, not mine and I'm not going to judge this person as being "gross, poor, unfashionable...etc".
    If I see an inspired bag, I think positively "good for them" because the manufacturers know what 'crossing the line' means and this type of thinking should be encouraged. Some people make fun of others carrying fakes, and when they buy something instead like an inspired bag, they also get made fun of, which makes them think "hey, if I get mocked in every way, I might as well buy a fake".
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