Fakes returned to retail stores

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  1. I was buying something recently and the particular store sell some MK bags and someone bought one, then went back a few days later to return it and returned a fake one instead.

    It maddens me when people do that, if you want an expensive/designer/branded handbag be prepared to pay for it instead of scamming shops to get one. Its really disheartening and makes me wonder what goes through peoples' minds when they do things like this and think it is totally okay, its not okay in anyway at all.
  2. The unfortunate part of this whole thing is that many sales associates aren't trained to tell the difference between authentics and super fakes. That's why most won't authenticate a bag that is brought into a brand boutique or store such as Saks or Neiman Marcus. Yes it sucks that people are unscrupulous and it also sucks that their dishonesty and greed can affect an honest buyer who goes into a store and buys what should be an authentic product but might not be, if it was one of the fakes returned and then put back into stock�� Some stores put returns back out for sale, some stores sell their returns to discount stores such as TJMaxx and Overstock.com. ��
  3. Thank you for posting this. After reading all the articles I could find relating to this woman, I am left wondering how many major department stores were selling her returned fakes. None of the articles named the stores where she was returning. But given the scale of her operations, it would seem like many of the major department stores were affected. Such a shame. I hope the stores are at least taking action to remove the fakes from their inventories and destroy them.

  4. The issue might be now is that many of these "unsuspecting fakes" might
    have been sold to other customers.

    Those customers may or may not know about this situation. Also, should
    a time come when these buyers might want to sell their bags, they may
    be told indeed they have a fake bag & who knows if they will have any recourse.

    Its very sad....as some of these bags could be $$$$$$
  5. This story is being discussed over in the eBay forum. Though to be fair, OP, you broke the story first :smile:
    She was a contributing member (up until yesterday) of TPF under the name LOUKPEACH and had her eBay and/or Instagram under "richgirlscollection"

    Check out the eBay forum for updates.

    **Hey JSG, we must have been posting at the same time :smile:
  6. Let's keep the conversation going over in the eBay sub. :idea:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.