Fakes on this forum?

  1. What happens if someone posts pictures of their collection up, and you suddenly realize that there's a FAKE bag in that collection? And you bloody KNOW it's fake because you have the REAL one! What would you do?
  2. I would PM the member. I hate drama and its always better to ask than assume.
  3. what if the member takes offense?

    it wouldn't matter so much if it were a very good fake, but this one is pretty obvious
  4. PM a mod immediately....
  5. PM a Mod or Admin only please.
  6. First PM me and let me know who is it! LOL Just kidding.
    Thats a tough one.

  7. PM Mod. . .and member if possible. It would be unjust to just ignore it, especially here.

    [edit] Oops, Swanky says just the Mods! lol Selena if you find out, tell me! . . .JK! ;]
  8. Ditto! Please, no posts in that thread accusing the person of owning fakes, and no new threads calling anyone out. The matter would be best taken care of privately :amuse:
  9. But thats no fun! LOL Just kidding. I am sure the person would want to know! I would! I would be mortified!!!!!!!!!!:shame: :shame: :shame:

  10. It could be that they don't even know! There's always that chance - or they really don't mind that it IS a fake, as long as they're not trying to sell it or something....
  11. I wouldn't say anything, probably they don't know it's fake :/
  12. Your posts always are so funny!! :biggrin: :lol:

    But, I think it would probably be best to contact the Mods first; that way the situation does not turn into a big issue and will hopefully save some hurt feelings.
  13. Please let a mod know b-cuz what if that person decied to sell the bag on the forum.
    Then one of us is screwed :wacko:
  14. Definitely PM a mod and let them know. This way it can be handled privately and without any getting mad at you for pointing it out. Less drama and more efficient that way.
  15. Personally, I don't think it's much of an issue unless they try to sell it. If they're selling a fake, then yes, get the Mods involved, etc... Otherwise, I would personally opt for no drama, especially considering all the recent drama.