Fakes on the purse forum?

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  1. If there is someone who posts pictures of their bags, but it isn't really their bags, that is just as bad as carring a fake bag down the street. I never understood why people would lie about what they have, or wear fakes. I think you should by what you can afford and appreciate that. We are all very lucky. You ladies have beautiful collections regardless of their size, whether it is 2 bags or 30 bags. Each color has a distinct style and personality. We should be greatful for what we have and not evily envious of someone else.:cry:
    I can say O:huh: wow great collection I am jealous but that is just saying I WISH I HAD THAT. But not in an evil way. I thought this forum is about helping one another and supporting one another, and 99% of the ladies and Vlad do that. And when someone goes and tries to deceive the same people that are so supportive, its upsetting.
    Thank you to all the girls who always give your wonderful and thoughtful opinions and who try to be nothing but friendly and sincere.:love: I love the Purse forum.
  2. what makes you think somebody here stole pics?
  3. well I can't say for sure , one of the posts is a small possibility I dont wish to say which one, and I am saying in general, I dont want to point fingers. I am saying if someone was to why I think its wrong.
  4. I agree, if someone were putting on a front, that stinks.
    But I bet it has happened more than once and will continue to do so since it's only human nature for some people.:sad:
    Are you thinking someone here may be telling us they have something they don't, or thieving our pictures?

    I can start jumping in the front of my pic I submit if it makes y'all happy!:lol: :lol:

    This really is a fabulous Forum, hopefully we see through most people that come here w/ an alterior motive before they can damage the wonderful spirit in here!
  5. Haha Thats so cute, jumping in front of you pictures.I don't think most people are here with an alterior motive but for one or two who might be lets not try to assosiate ourselves with them. Like there were instances when some people created screen names and tried to advocate that a certain site was selling legits when it was obviously fakes.
  6. Agreed with everything you said, but the parts I quoted I definitely agree on! I don't care how big or small a member's collection is, I care about the fact that they put thought into what they got and that they love it. There's a story behind every purse that every member gets and I love that!

    I rather see a purse with the biggest history behind it than a collection of pictures someone gathered from the net and posted.
  7. Plus we should appreciate all the we have , we are alive and healthy and if we could afford even one nice bag that is amazing. There will always be someone that has more than you but people shouldnt concentrate on that. I thiknk Victoria Beckham beats us all. HAHA. But bascially appreciate and love with what you have because its fabulous.

  8. LOL! I think we should all do it, it'd be a hoot!

    Yeah, I smell a rat sometimes when people post asking about certain websites . . . . even though I try so very hard not to be cynical. I actually posted a few authenticity questions today and it pained me to do so because of the sheer number of them we get here everyday!
    I almost wish we had an invite only or some special "testing-in" type of initiation! LOL!

    :weird: How weird coming from a newbie herself, but I haven't found this many truly down to earth, honest and respectful people all in one place before on the net and I've quickly become protective of our happy environment.:love:
  9. true. c'mon people, share your real bags! i did, although my collection looks pathetic next to most of the other's :lol:
    nothing to be ashamed of ;)
  10. i've thought this too..haha...i even think i've spotted some fakes in a collection as well...but i'm hoping i'm just ignorant as to what was released...i don't let it bother me, there is always going to be insecure people...which is sad about it is its on the internet!
  11. You can fool some people But! you carnt fool everybody !!

    Einstein said that, actually no he didnt, it was my Mom

    Anyway !!!!!
  12. Well, I decided to do another big picture of all of my bags when I get back to Ca. because I feel mine has to be renewed since the new additions! All the lv's must be redone :lol:
  13. So what if someone has fakes in their collection? Maybe she's as proud of her fakes as of her real bags and she doesn't mind grouping them together. It probably wasn't meant to be deceptive. Who cares? To each her own.
  14. Ditto that! Everytime I read on the news about how someone with their whole life ahead of them died, it saddens me but on the other hand, it makes me appreciate my life and everything in it so much more.

    Victoria Beckham, I still remember her Spice Girls days :shame:
  15. Did I miss something? Can somebody PM me?....
Thread Status:
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