Fakes on Parade

  1. [​IMG]

    I found this online from a website that sells fakes. Apparently this is one of there fake stores.

  2. oh yeah.. i've been in a store like that in Indonesia and Los Angeles. INSANE except this is just balenciaga- but image walking into a store and being overwhelmed from the floorboards to the rafters with fake bags- gucci, prada, LV, fendi, balenciaga... everything just sitting on a shelf in front of bags and bags of extras behind them.

    it aint pretty.
  3. Are those "good" fakes above. I am not into Balenciagas so I dont know but they look like the real thing to my untrained eye. Its so sad, I can just imagine how many people get sucked into buying these fakes.

  4. is that legal?
  5. that is not good.
  6. I think these places take the old saying "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" way too far. It totally turns me off. I would rather save every last penny for months, eat ramen, and take the bus than buy a pathetic fake bag.
  7. oh dear.... you just know the cops don't really care cuz they're prolly getting some money slipped to them under the table
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