Fakes on eBay

  1. What's really sad is that sellers think they can put these up....





    What's even sadder is that people are bidding on them. Notice the "Juicy Couture Beach" tag on a few of them, which does not exist on authentic Juicy. And also, the leather looks shiny, and not real. In the third link, it has plastic on the handles, a dead giveaway. It should basically have a big red neon sign over it that says FAKE. Does anyone know how to get these sellers off eBay?
  2. You can try reporting them (see the sticky in this thread) but there's nothing stopping them from creating a new account and relisting.
  3. Thanks for answering! Right after I posted this I went looking on their eBay pages and found 'Report This Item.' Felt really stupid about posting this. LOL

    Yeah, unfortunately, they can create another account, but maybe eBay will send them a notice if they try to relist that same item, because they'll have it on record as being fake.

    Anyone here know for sure these are fakes?
  4. The first listing was pulled at least. But unfortunately there are plenty of people who go to Ebay looking for fakes. They are aware they are getting a cheap imitation and that's what they want.
  5. Yeah, I saw that! Thank gosh eBay made one logical decision, but they let all the others slip by.

    That's really unfortunate! Either that, or the people don't bother to do their research and can't tell fakes apart. Still, no matter how much they may like fakes...it's illegal.
  6. As far as I know, it is against ebay policy to let people sell fakes! Am I correct here?
  7. You definitely are right!

    But unfortunately....since when does eBay enforce their rules? :s As long as they're making money off of the auction, even if it violates their 'policy,' they usually won't have it pulled. I'm surprised they paid attention to even one of my reported listings.
  8. You've pinpointed the reason why ebay is lax about most fakes -- because it is still a huge chunk of their profit.
  9. Yep, 100% correct! Money is all that matters to them.
  10. It is a big chunk of their income. A lot of the fakes come from the same sellers, and the thing is even if they do pull them those particular sellers will find a way to get back onto Ebay eventually. They aren't being sold by the odd person here or there. There are big businesses behind a lot of these auctions. If nobody ever bought them they'd go away but people want what they want. Ebay just hides behind the idea that they can't police EVERY auction. They could if they wanted to. But they'd go bankrupt in the end.