Fakes on Desperate Housewives

  1. Did anyone see the Desperate Housewives rerun last night? It was the episode wher Terri Hatcher finds out she is pregnant and Eva Longoria (I can never remember character names) was packing to go on a trip and they panned over some huge Goach luggage. Wow, I'm surprised!!!
  2. ^That's funny since Eva Longoria (in real life) is a big fan of Coach. There are always pictures of her carrying Coach bags and wearing Coach boots. lol
  3. I've heard a lot about shows having fake bags...like Sex and the City having fake Hermes.

    I wonder if they do that on purpose? But why?
  4. Oh, I saw that episode! But I thought that was a Gucci - I didn't realize it was a Goach! Oh, yucko! I wonder if things on TV shows have to be "generic" because they have to get permission to use a "brand"? Even if they have to use "generic" items, I'd use something from Target than a Goach though! LOL
  5. I thought that one of the reasons they don't use authentic items on most sets anymore is because people used to steal them..
  6. That's too funny, and weird! I've seen movies before where the actresses carry authentic designer bags (example Lindsay Lohan carrying an LV in Mean Girls)... maybe television shows don't have large enough budgets, although I would think DH has a really big budget considering its popularity. There has to be a reason!!
  7. I remember that! I was so distracted by it, especially since the character she plays would never carry a fake bag/fake anything. I think a lot of it has to do with the wardrobe budget. They have to clothe all of those women... buying designer for only a few seconds of film probably isn't worth it.
  8. It might have to do with product promotion. They want to portray a wealthy look but the companys invovled will not pay the royalties to the show so they can use them.
  9. Ewwww. I just watched the episode online. I believe the clip you are talking about is about 4:19 into the episode. I had to watch it a couple of times to get a good view of of Goach. It's definately Goach. :throwup: That's so gross.
  10. I'm surprised they don't get sued. Wasn't LV suing Britney Spears for having a fake LV leather seats in her car in one of her videos?
  11. I'm Not Exactly Sure ~ Over A Year Ago (Maybe A Year & 1/2) This Was Discussed In I Believe The LV Forum. Many Sets Have Things Made, Because All It Is ~ Is A Prop.

    i.e. The Croc Kelly From Le Divorce (The "H" Of All Movies), Was Fake: Though Hermes Was Promoted In How Many Ways In That Movie, Hermes Wouldn't Give A Bag That Was Just Thrown Over The Eiffel Tower.....I Can't Say I Blame Them;)


    ETA: I Do Believe Many Of The Reality Shows Need To Be Permission On Certain Brands....I'm Not Sure On This ~ I Believe, At One Point MTV Was Not Showing Chanel's CC's On Bags
  12. :lol::tdown:
  13. I was going to say this too. Maybe they dont want to promote the company so they use a fake brand...
  14. Actually, Eva Longoria-Parker's luggage on the show was fake LV.
  15. The set should have borrorwed Eva's Coach collection. I'm sure she's rather pose next to a real Coach than a fake one. Right?