Fakes/Knockoffs vs Designer "Inspired"

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  1. This may have been asked before, but what do you guys think of these? I've come across several bags that are obviously designed like LV, Gucci, Chanel, etc., though don't have the branding and logo to match. Do you think they have a place and meet a need for people who don't have $5K to drop on a Jumbo Double Flap? Or is it just as bad as the replicas? :hrmm:
  2. Bad, but not as bad. They're produced legally under regulated conditions by companies who follow laws. Counterfeits are produced by criminals without regulations on labor conditions.

  3. QFT!

    Fakes/counterfeits are made by criminals for ignorant people who don´t know better or just don´t care.

    TPF denizens tolerate "inspired by" items as long as they don´t cross the red hot line pretending they´re the real McCoy, but most are decidedly anti-fake, or they wouldn´t hang around here in the first place ;)
  4. These are bad, not as bad as Fakes but I would never carry one.
  5. Just want to clarify, though. Designer-inspired is bad from an artistry perspective. I question the calling a designer a designer who simply modifies bags to have their style hardware.

    Not everyone can spend thousands or a hundreds on a bag and I don't think they ought to be left with bags that aren't styled after something else because that doesn't exist.
  6. I definitely get the point that your saying but i also think it's difficult at times to figure out who came first the chicken or the egg so to speak. :lol:

    Meaning while some may think a design "belongs" to a certain brand it may not, simply maybe a matter of it being associated mostly with that brand.

    No different than jeans, not everyone only wears Levis' ...

    As for myself i would not buy a bag labelled say, LV when it was not.. if it's by a real brand, and i like it, well i buy it, simple as that.
  7. I definitely agree with respecting the art of a fashion design house. I was wondering about this topic because I watched a Youtube video last week where a girl was talking about her waffling opinion of fakes. She suggested that for people who are wholly against them (which I am) they could try a designer-inspired piece. She'd purchased a Boy look-alike at TJMaxx and it seemed like a decent enough alternative, even if it's less than ideal. I just wanted to get you guys' opinion of them.
  8. A great example of that is the Boston Bag. That design has been traded throughout almost all the major designers and everyone else down from there. It's such a functional, classic shape that just works and has caught on. I'm also like you in terms of style. I have brands that are highly recognizable as well as those that I'd never heard of until I stumbled upon. But if it's a style that I like, I buy it!
  9. the members of the purse forum are purse-nerds. the average woman just goes into a store and sees a bag she likes. she probably has no idea it's 'inspired' or 'knocked-off,' so who cares. let everyone have access to style. but, from an artistic standpoint the 'designers' who blantantly copy aren't truly designers. there are few people talented enough to be truly original.
  10. I agree with the previous poster!
    Very few ladies buy high end bags, even here on TPF.
    They don't even have any clues about the so called it bags.
    But....after hunting for a bag, going window shopping or browsing the Internet they get ( whether they realize it or not) that there are trends....
    And lots of look alikes.
    Inspired by etc.
    It's true for clothes as well.
    If we avoid high end, inspired by.. what is left?
  11. The "inspired by" bags are certainly not as bad as outright fakes/counterfeits. They may be "lookalikes" but they're not sporting the designer's name or claim to be that designer, unlike the real counterfeits. And yes, I think they have their place and do meet a need for people who like the style of the premier designer but don't have the bucks to drop on them.
  12. For some reason this only bothers me from Michael Kors. I can't help but think of him calling out some of the designers on Project Runway for not being original enough. It just strikes me as hypocritical and is a huge turn off.
  13. I own the Jane bag from baginc. I have been given some peculiar looks when I use it. I personally don't have a problem with lookalike bags. I obviously can't afford a birkin at the moment. So I got a lookalike. But I wouldn't own knockoff. As long as the bag isn't branded with the logo. I'm ok.
  14. Purse Nerd! I want a t shirt with that on it. 😂😂😂
    Yes! To all your points! I don't see the inspired bags as bad at all except for the fact that the so called designers aren't showing a drop of talent.
    Completely agree. Much of fashion is derivative in some way so I have no "moral" problem with companies producing inspired bags at lesser prices. And for people who can't or won't drop 4-5 figures on a bag, they are a good alternative. I don't get why this upsets some people. It happens in fashion from shoes to sweaters. Why not bags???

    My frustration, however, is this - why don't mid range brands who copy high end designs hire fresh talent to give them beautiful, unique designs of their own? I get that it's low risk to copy, but someone could carve a lucrative niche if they offered fashion forward design at a reasonable price point with nice materials. Mansuer Gavriel is close to this but I don't find their designs ground breaking. They're nice enough but not trend setting.

    That all being said, for my own collection - if I like a style, I want to get the bag that has the "original" design along with high end materials and construction. I've worked hard, I can afford them so that's all I'll buy.

  15. I don't have any but I won't judge those who carry them, unlike when they carry replicas.