Fakes in NYC

  1. I could not believe all the peddlers on the streets on NYC, from the Ritzy part of town on 5th to Canal St. Yikes, tons of women walking around with those infamous black shopping bags and we all know what's in there.

    We also saw a cop peaked his head around the corner and said to a peddler "Hey, what's happening there? and turned around and walked away. We couldn't believe that the police didn't seem to care. I'm sure they see this daily but how could they put a stop to it if the cops just turns their head.

    It's just disgusting the amount of people looking for these fakes as much as peddlers selling them. The streets of NYC is busy enough without these people stopping traffic on the sidewalk.

    Seeing all the fakes on the streets of NYC is just :yucky::yucky::yucky::yucky::yucky:!

    Anyways, had a great time but came home empty handed. I have another thread on this.
  2. yep, I live here, sooo many fakes of everything from electronics to denim to bags... all over town. Also, people wear them everywhere. I've seen some truly gross R&Rs, and they have denim carts set up outside my university-- ick. Actually, it makes me feel safer because I'm hoping people assume my mono speedy 25 is fake on the subway and won't target me-- LOL!
  3. Another fake thread?