Fakes in LV boutiques...

  1. This is just scary,but i dont really beleive it when i hear it......That there are fakes in LV boutiques..when people take them back they bring back fakes.....Sounds terrible...

    Do you think its true?
    I have a hard time thinking it is.....but ...who knows.

  2. With so many dishonest people out there, I'm sure some have done or tried this. I DO NOT believe however, that IF a mistake like this somehow occured, that the bag would ever get resold. I don't even work there, and I can tell a fake a mile away.
  3. there have been literally hundreds of threads on this. try a search, the general concensus is it couldnt happen.
  4. Yep, it's not going to happen.
  5. I know it wont.......but i wish people would stop thinking that.
  6. Whoever would think they are going to buy a fake from an LV boutqie is IMO insane..
  7. I wouldn't believe that, maybe the boutique people had this experience in was a fake.. :lol:
  8. this is not true! you just cant walk in and return a bag/item with no questions asked. You must have your bill of sale, in the computer system / so sort of proof of purchase, they item is also check.. in great detail.....
  9. Urban Legend.
  10. that's ridiculous!
  11. yep!! :death:
  12. IMO its impossible that a SP wouldn't identify a fake... I am not sure this possible..Not to mention, you have to show receipt and they do inspect the bag to see if it has been used..
  13. I highly doubt it ....
  14. the SA's inspect every bag when it's returned from head to toe so I highlly doubt it...
  15. .....highly doubt it