Fakes in common shopping malls...

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  1. Obviously Fakes are :cursing:! I was just wondering if a fake really is considerd a "crime" bkz- when you walk trough a mall, there's several mini stands in the middle who sell "goaches", "kuccis", "rradas", "louis buitton" and other designer knockoffs without having to hide their "goodies"...

    I was on vacation in california last year, and I remember this stand in the middle of sunrise mall, selling fake fendis for $50, chanel knockoffs (the handles were wrong but the logo was right, "cc") and other fake brands. I was surprised to see them stand in the open and nobody seems to care? I thought fakes were a crime, and selling them, even a bigger crime??? Why are those stands ok? I understand if the bag dosen't have a logo but looks close to a designer bag- but how about those obvoius copies, that even SAY "CHANEL" or PRADA or FENDI etc... why arent those little booth's getting into trouble??? :confused1: That's leaving me puzzled... Anybody know more?
  2. Unfortunately, I don't know if there are legal issues with this... But I do know what you're talking about! Those little booths anger me to no end!:cursing:
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    The Kiosks in the malls around where I live sell the "knockoffs". They are basically the same shape, colors etc...as the real designer bags but they do not use any of the real logos (the logos are altered) or names, therefore they are not violating any copyright laws.

    The "fakes" that you see on Canal Street in New York or at purse parties etc...use the real designers logos, etc. and pass off the bags as the real thing, which is of course, illegal, but I've never seen any of these fakes in the malls where I live.
  4. Exactly.

    The stands at the mall don't get in trouble because they aren't trying to pass off a Goach as a true, authentic Coach. They're selling the Goach as a Goach :P

    The fakes on, say, iOffer, are true counterfeited fakes because they are using all the trademarked/copyrigthed logos of Coach, Louis Vuitton, etc. and trying to pass off what we know is a fake as an authentic bag.

    Sucks. :rolleyes:
  5. Unfortunately in my mall they had a kiosk that sold actual fakes - they had the name of the designer on them, despite not being made by said designer. I spoke to mall management, but it was a month before that kiosk was closed. The common misperception is that fakes can be sold as long as no one is passing them off as the real thing. Now, while "Goach" may technically be legal, a bag that actually bears the trademark of Chanel, Coach, LV, etc. is NOT.
  6. I saw a fake Chanel bag in a boutique. I said something to the woman at the register, and she tried to convince me that the "CC's" stood for "Charlotte" (as in the city I live in). :rolleyes:
  7. There is ABSOLUTELY a legal issue with that. It is copyright infringement. I've reported it before. It makes me so annoyed!
  8. Please do a search in our Handbags & Purses Forum, this is discussed often.
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