Fakes going for SO MUCH on eBay

  1. acccckkk :censor: :throwup:
  2. gotta love the coyly turned bale pic in the first auction...unfortunately you can still tell it's square! poor buyers!!
  3. is there a guide online to tell fake balenciaga?
    i never know!
    or some helpful tips?

    fakes are :rant:, especially for those hundreds of dollars!!!
  4. ^ ateliernaff.blogspot.com is a great source - it will help you with your Balenciaga questions. :smile:

    it's terribly sad that fakes are being sold let alone receiving the price of some authentic bags! ughhhh.

    by the way, where have you been winona!?
  5. i think the first one is shill bidding (zero feedback bidder) and the second is a pretty good fake...

    i wish eBay would hire a PFer or someone who knows their stuff to seperate out all the fakes. There are SO many!! Other brands get shut down but eBay obviously likes their cut of the fake bag profit.
  6. I would have been totally duped had it not been for this forum. These gals are SO good! That second link almost had me going, then once I read the thread about it, the fakeness was glaring :shame:
  7. the leather on these is so rough and nasty! and in the first one in addition to the bales being off, the seller conveniently didnt include the black string and safety pin on the tag-a huge indicator its a fake.:P
  8. good lord! :hysteric:that's crazy! look at all those bidders. i feel so bad for the winner. that's so wrong.:devil:
  9. sickening!
  10. I think a lot of it has to do with shill bidding, but a lot of people are out in the dark and have no clue those are fakes. Two years ago, I would've thought the first auction was okay to bid on. I believe the woman that won the caramel bag popped up on our forum recently to ask for help.
  11. I can't believe someone bought those.
  12. OMG, that makes me wanna cry, how do these sellers sleep at night :crybaby:
  13. check these out...
    40 bids on this one? nuts! http://cgi.ebay.com/AUTH-BALENCIAGA-MOTORCYCLE-LE-DIX-BAG-DARK-BROWN_W0QQitemZ270003462752QQihZ017QQcategoryZ15729QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

    but it seems to me that the bad fakes are almost always won by someone with zero feedback... or private feedback. i dont think that all that many "real" people are getting f-ed over by these... its the $110 to $199 buck ones that get a lot of BINs if you look at completed auctions- those are the ones being purchased by newbies... or the $75 ones that use stolen photos of real bags!

    people should just look at the seller. the seller's feedback is my first checkpoint when deciding whether to buy or not. If you look at the sellers feedback you can tell pretty quick whether or not they are a reputable seller. even if they have few sales- their feedback should be from buyers with lots of good feedback (and a variety of buyers is important too). I've always done this had have had no problems on eBay... but I know my time is coming!

    for balenciaga buying though- atelier.naff is the best defense!