Fakes Getting TOOO Good.. Kinda Scary

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  1. I am not going to name any sites for many reasons but, i have seen alot of replica sites have LV that looks wayy to real. I mean the quality look very good. It seems impossible for children in sweatshops to be making these exact replicas. Its kinda scary because there might be fakes out there that might be so real.. that in fact they are real, but not made by LV. That kinda gets me mad since i spend so much on real bags, and then some ladies spend a fraction of that, and get the same quality.. I even heard stories of fakes being passed off as real, like when they authenticated the lv workers say its real. IDK but thats pissing me off.:sad:
  2. It annoys me too. I bought a fake denim speedy on eBay for my sister. When I got it, it looks so identical to mine. The font, the interior and denim was exactly the same. The difference was the screw. Never thought it was a problem since LV has changed some of it's hardware from time to time. Took it to LV and they thought it was real until I showed them the screw. Now I can't get a hold of the thief who sold it to me.
  3. Wow kuuipo that's shocking!! I always thought the denim fakes were the worst of the bunch. :s
  4. oh my! jeez. who can we trust? only the boutique, i guess..
    and the reputable sellers..
  5. It is scary!
  6. I think that the only way to have 100% peace of mind is to purchase from a boutique, any other way will always leaving you wondering....what if this isn't real?
  7. but can they.. is that true.. fake LV's being so good that they can pass of as real
  8. oh the fakes are getting really really good i tell ya! It bugs the heck out of me when i carry my auth LV in Shanghai, and pp think it's fake.....so want to scream it's the real deal. I once saw a korean tv show that mix the super mirroirs w/auth and invite LV staff, including manager to separate the auth and fake, unfortunately some super mirroir are being passed as auth, even the manager can't tell a difference....
  9. That makes me scared that one day (very soon, by the sounds of it) these fake LVs will get into real LV boutiques. This has already happened with high end jeans which makes the thought entirely possible.
  10. ^
    OMG..... :wtf:

    Sounds scary......
    I guess I have to go back and stick with the boutique again.
  11. I guess it depends where you go/find these fakes. I haven't been to Toronto's old west Chinatown in a long time and when I was there this weekend the fakes I saw were (still) hideous whereas the fakes I've seen in Pacific Mall, Hong Kong and the infamous mall in "Sum Tung" do have some incredible good fakes. But really, once you own a genuine LV no "good fake" is ever good enough - OR "good" period.
  12. I thought most of the fakes on the websites were actually pictures taken of real bags. From reading posts about fakes, they do not look like the pictures. You can see a lot of the sites copied the pictures of the bags off ELuxury.
  13. Can you explain by what "fake LVs will get into real LV boutiques." mean.. do you mean people will buy it and then return a super fake.?
  14. that is true, but also sometimes SA in retail stores don't really look at the stitching and tags of jeans. They just check if it's been worn/washed or not.

    unlike at LV, from whta others have said in the forum, when you do a return/exchange multiple SA's expect the bag to confirm that it is infact real.

    I don't even want to THINK about a fake bag going back into the company...
  15. i dont think that'll happen as the factories ship directly to boutiques
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