Fakes galore at the mall today!

  1. I went to a bridal show with my sister today in Milwaukee. I could NOT BELIEVE all of the fake Coach strolling around, ALL DAY! At the bridal show, I counted 64 HORRIBLE fakes, and a few that I wasn't too sure of either. Then, we went to the mall and even in the Coach boutique, there were several people carrying around "Goach" bags. How embarrassing! :wtf:

    I just can't believe what an epedemic it has become!

    Sorry, just had to vent
  2. I know how you feel.
    I was at the mall earlier and I saw so many women with fake Coach purses actually IN the Coach boutique. Same with in the Louis Vuitton store. I swear, the SA's were about to scream and make the "customers" leave!
  3. :wtf::wtf::wtf: 64?!?! ugh. & Goach in the Coach store!? OMG I feel your pain!
  4. O.K ......Yea, fakes are everywhere and what bothers me the most about it is actually not the bag it's the person with the bag. I hate it when they try to pass it off as a real bag. They tell you something like "Oh I like your bag, where did you get? I got mine from the a vendor down the road" or "How much was it? There is a guy who comes by and sells them real cheap out the back of his car. IDK...........If you have a fake , say it's fake and be proud!!
  5. yeah... after about the 5th bag, my sis and I decided to start counting for the fun of it. That's not even counting the questionable ones either. Granted, the mall was pretty packed but STILL!

    The thing that really gets me is that the fakes aren't really even that cheap either! what's the point of spending 100 bucks on a bag that looks like trash and will last a month MAYBE with regular use?! I will never understand...
  6. woah- i mean, a fake Coach is one thing (there are some really good fakes out there and some really gullible people), but a Goach? c'mon now people!! get a clue!
  7. Yuck!!!!!!