Fakes Galor at the Vegas Airport

  1. There was a HUGE line at security today and in it were more bag fakes than I have ever seen.
    I am still new to LV so can't always identify the fakes but I saw a speedy that was so bad I new immedietly. The big tip off was the handles on the bag.
    I then ssaw tons of fake luggage. But it wasn't just LV. It was Kate Spade, Jimmy Choo...etc...
  2. Are you sure they were counterfeit bags? They can't even sell counterfeits on the streets in NY anymore, they have to 'hide' them.

    If the bags didn't use the designer's logo or name on them then they are legally inspired. (although still tacky) I just want people to know this.

    Fakes, knockoffs, counterfeits use the name or logo and are 100% illegal to sell.
  3. I think she means she saw people carrying them, not items for sale in the airport. Unfortunately it's not a crime in the US to buy fakes. :cursing:
  4. There's a kiosk in the Alexandria Mall that openly sells Coach knockoffs-not "inspired" bag, blatant fakes. One of the dealers at the flea market was arrested by Federal Marshalls for selling Dooney knockoffs and this guy has them out in the open. I'll get a picture of the stand soon and try to post it.
  5. ^^ Wow, I'd love to see a pic of that... :nuts: :graucho:

    Well, when I was in Rhode Island, I saw a little kiosk at the Providence Place mall selling designer "inspired" bags.

    I could NOT believe the amount of people that were carrying obviously fake bags in Rhode Island [no offense...beautiful state, just was sick of all the fakes] And the worst thing was, they all acted like they were carrying the most valuable bag on Earth...
  6. Well, I have to put in my two cents (even though I do not post much here)...
    My mother was telling me about a woman in our area who flies to China twice a year and comes back with TONS of LV fakes (and others too, Gucci, Prada, etc...you get the idea). She is making tons of money off of these as she works in a prominent hair/nail salon where all the High Class rich women go for their hair/nails. We all know how some people are clueless about fakes and buy them because it's such a good deal and they think it's the real deal. It is really ticking me off....figured i'd sound off here......