Fakes for Charity?

  1. Hi ALL:

    I understand the tremendous implications of carrying around a FAKE LV. The terrible work situations that may have been a result of producing a fake bag is certainly disgusting. HOWEVER, what do all of you think about someone who realizes their bag is fake and wishes to give it to the Good Will instead of throwing it out?
    It is still a functional hand bag that some woman who cannot afford ANY bag may appreciate. What say ye all?:confused1:
  2. It's still a fake and I wouldn't want anyone with that on their conscience. IMO fakes are a sign of pain and suffering....the only proper place for fakes is in the garbage can.
  3. :yes: Totally agree with this!! Fakes should not be passed along at all, but destroyed.
  4. So well said, and I totally agree with you. Anybody could buy it, resell it and get into a LOT of trouble if they sell to the wrong person/get snagged by the authorities.
  5. It's not just the reselling part. Fakes are usually made by underpaid labour, mostly children in third world countries. I think it's very ironic and disgusting to give something made under those conditions in the name of charity. It's like making a mockery of the purpose of Good Will.
  6. ^
    I agree. And if Good will chooses to sell it, they're breaking the law. ;)
  7. one person "donated" their fake LV to their child's school drama department. first, they took a big black sharpie and wrote "fake" all inside of it or on the side of it. it sounded like a good idea.
  8. I agree the best place for the fakes are the trash!