Fakes everywhere...

  1. Well, ladies, today I went to Wretham Village Premium Outlets. And I cannot believe the fakes I saw there!!!!

    White MC Loooong Alma (not even a style made by LV) colors were horrible, all I saw was pink and blue!!

    Speedy 30 that was plasticy looking and had....4 gigantic feet on the bottom of it!!!

    White MC Bag that had the flowers but no LV's on it.

    Finally, another monogram canvas bag in a style not even made with the flowers on it and again no LV's!!!!!

    These bags were so horrible looking it wasn't even funny. I wanted to go up to each of these women and say "Your fakety fake looks awful!" Of course, I didn't and I don't know really why it bothered me but fakes bother me and I can't help it!

    Anyway, just wanted to share that fakes are rampant!!!!
  2. I know - they are rampant where I live. I tend to really stare when I see someone with a real one because I see them so rarely. I am sure they wonder what my problem is lol.
  3. I can't even remember the last time I saw someone with a real LV in my daily travels. Except when I'm shopping on Michigan Ave all I see are miserably fake LVs. Either 3-color white MC disasters or those faux monogram bags with nothing but flowers. Yesterday I thought I saw someone with a cute denim bag, but when I got closer it, too, was all flowers. There's even a really crappy fake MC in the window of a crap store I pass on the way home. *sigh*
  4. OMG, I do this too :shame:
    Everytime I see a real one I stare... stare... stare.
  5. I rarely see real or fake LV's. I live in the suburbs of Chicago so maybe that's why. I just ordered my first LV so I wonder what people will think when they see me...

    I did have two Walmart sightings recently. One was a PH (I couldn't tell if it was real or fake) and another fake monogram bag that was never made.
  6. OMG!!! Speaking of fakes, I just came back from the bank where I saw a woman with a mono version of the MC speedy!!!:nuts::lol: I almost walked into a door because I couldn't stop staring at her bag!!!:upsidedown:
  7. Where I live, I see no LV's anywhere. So it's nice for me not to see any fakes around.
  8. Oh gawd I'm about to lose my lunch! :upsidedown:

    One of these days when I spot a fake I'm gonna whip out my phone and snap a pic!! :yes:
  9. I would have done the same thing :lol:! I saw a girl once with a mono bag that looked like a combination of a Le Fabuleux and an MC Alma. Totally covered with gold locks and corners and ringed with studs. I nearly busted out laughing right there.
  10. Let's do what PETA people do and spray paint the fakes when we see them!!!:nuts:
  11. LOL! I'm cracking up over here!!! and the staring thing too, I can't help myself either, I think I stare at fake ones and don't even notice when I see a real one! the fakes catch my eye and I just can't help it.....these women with all these fake bags must think to themselves "oh they must be looking at my beautiful bag" and we're thinking "what the F***! ANOTHER horrible fake, how ungly is that!" Sorry, I just hate fakes! If you can't or don't want to buy the real thing there are many other companies out there that make beautiful bags at a good price, BUY THEM!!!
  12. Sometimes it's hard not to stare at the fakes and count how many things are wrong with them. :yes:
  13. Sounds like a plan :smile:
  14. Yesterday while going through Tim's drive thru, I saw a lady get into a Ferrari :nuts: carrying a monogram piano bag with gold rivots around the bottom :wtf: I couldnt stop myself from :roflmfao:
  15. Yea, yea, and the girl with the speedy with the feet, she was holding her head up soooo high and was walking with a swagger. And she came out of Burberry!!!!! I could never go in a store like that with a fake bag!!!!! Burberry! With a speedy with gigantic feet. I can't even imagine!