Fakes Everywhere!!

  1. Hello Ladies!

    I have not signed into tpf in a week because I have been attending a convention. While I was there I went into the exhibit hall where all the vendors had there goods for sale. There were thousands of t-shirts, books, shoes, hats etc. And guess what else!! Tons of fake bags. :tdown: LV, Fendi, Chanel, BV, you name it. I was amazed at all of the ladies buying them. I made a point to tell my friend who was walking with me through the aisles that there wasn't a real bag in this entire expo. I made sure to say it pretty loud and I got a few "looks". I hope all of those ladies didn't think they were buying real bags.
  2. What kind of convention was that?! Convention of fakes?!
  3. No actually it was the National Baptist Convention held in St. Louis this year. They have hundreds of vendors from all over that sell their goods.
  4. These things are EVERYWHERE and it astounds me. Last week alone I saw a fake bbag while at the post office on my lunch hour (and I mean a bad one) and a fake Fendi at the CVS!

    Several years ago the women in my office went gaga for this guy that showed up every Wednesday to sell 'designer bags' in the parking lot. I took one look and knew the majority were fakes. There were a couple of authentic bags, and rumor had it the 'guy' got them via cc fraud! I couldn't believe these women and said so.

    Needless to say, the guy was chased off after someone else informed the powers that be.