fakes bag being advertised here!

  1. If everyoneis so against knock off's here - why do you all allow banner adds shown above - selling knock-offs.... Just a question.:biggrin:
  2. Hmmm.. I know the mods made a decision to no longer allow ads from vendors who sell fakes (which probably cost them $$$) but those "ads by google" things are different. Not sure.
  3. The only ad I see is one by eLuxury (with that Kooba bag, I like it, the ad must be working!).
  4. ^^^

    there's an add for knock off gucci above.
  5. the google ads are mostly advertising fake bags, but the forum owners have no, or very little control over which google ads show up. i'm sure everyone knows that running a website/blog such as this take a lot of time/effort/$$ to keep up, and the owners have to survive somehow, so they should be cut some slack for the google ads at least...other than those, i don't see any ads for fake bags.

  6. Yep, Grechen said what I was tyring to say!
  7. To those who are new. There is a Forum search engine. This has been addressed before. Check out the past threads.