fakes....at the mall and ppl trying to sell them to me

  1. i went to the mall today to return a few things with my mom and there was this lady with a cart full of bags i was walking by and something caught my eye it was a gucci bag !! an obvious fake i started looking around and saw at least 10 fake gucci bags. There was also a chanel and a few louis vuittons. And then i saw a coach bag and guess how much it was... $100 i asked the lady even though i new the answer if it was fake and she was like yeah but no one can tell we make our bags out of the same material and stuff she was trying to sell them to me !! i mean 100 dollars why would some1 wanna spend that on a fake coach... coach is not even that expensive compared to chanel and stuff..i wanted to tell her off

    and then later i went to some other store too look at some earrings and some girl saw that i had my juicy bag (yes its real) she gave me a website where she sales all fake juicy + coach !!! wuts going in the world i thought id share with you ladies my experince i had 2day :shame:
  2. UGH.. what a day!
  3. Yuckko!! I've noticed that there is a rise in FAKES recently! What is up with all that? I keep thinking it has something to do with all the manufacturing companies moving to China and such places. I know that Coach has been made in China for a while now but it's never been this bad before. I'm just sick of people trying to sell their FAKES as authentics! It's awful enough that they're counterfeiters, but to rip off innocent buyers by telling you it's real - that really pisses me off!
  4. Oh god! That is bad. I can't believe that she tried to sell them to you. Gross!!!!!
  5. I was just reading a thread on the Handbag thread that talked about a lady who got one of those fake handbag kiosks to get them to take their fake bags down.

    I hate seeing those fake bags! :tdown:
  6. Oh gosh, it seems like there are fakes everywhere you look now! I just don't get it. :sad:

  7. WOW! I am from Vancouver too. If you don't mind me asking, where was this? I am so curious to know.
  8. Um-mm were they trying to say yours was a fake then? Or trying to make an "easy" sale so they thought...Thinking if you would pay that for an authentic...You could buy twice as much with them for the same cost...

    What ever it is...At least they weren't calling them authentic. But it's getting bad where I live with fake bags...Thus I am going to all leather. Since they usually aren't replicated into fakes.

    It's a sad day...You would think that Coach could do something about it...But they can't evidently...
  9. They are fakes everywhere for sale for talking you into buying one without even asking is just rude. I would be mad too.
  10. coquitlam center...
  11. i think the 2nd lady thought my juicy was fake... i even told her i got it from the juicy outlet.. she was so eager for me to check her stuff out i wanted to say something to her but i just played along lol im not the type to really call ppl out and stuff.. it was soo sick though :yucky: