Fakes at KROGERS!!!

  1. I walk into Krogers (supermarket) and there is a whole double sided rack of fakes:cursing:!! They had Prada knockoffs like the kind you see in NYC. Also, a fake black signature swingpack with some As instead of Cs and a knock off of that hideous cowboy Dooney and Bourke print! The sad thing is that most people there probably don't even know that they are knock-offs!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. i didn't know krogers sold handbags?!!? at least the one i went to (richmond) didnt! that sounds disgusting though.
  3. Yeah I've seen this in my local Kroger too. Nasty. Part of the reason why I hate shopping there.
  4. Sounds to me like they are replicas, not fakes. I think that most people can figure out that they aren't authentic Coach considering they have As instead of Cs and they are being sold at Kroger. At least these are legal -- I'd rather that people buy those Kroger bags than illegal counterfeits.