Fakes at Kohl's!

  1. Well...not really "fakes" I guess, but...copies? Anyway, since I was out and about in the Big City yesterday I went into Kohl's to look around. Imagine my shock when I saw a rack full of "Stams"!! They looked EXACTLY the same as the real thing except that the kisslock was smaller and the chain has smaller links and of course the "leather" was actually "pleather". It was all the more amusing as I had just been drooling over a GAWJUSS real Stam (Topaz!!:love: ) at Sak's. It amazes me to think that, before tPF, Imight conceivably have bought such a thing! Because it is such a pretty bag, even the fake version, and there was a time when I didn't care about or even know about Marc Jacobs--or Chloe or Balenciaga or any of that! Now y'all have spoiled me with quality and ruined me for anything else! Thank you thank you thank you!!
  2. Oh goodness - we have no Kohls nearby, but I bet they get slapped with a lawsuit if they have something that close out. But if anyone goes in with a cell phone - picts please.
  3. It's like a good man, once you have kissed one, there is no going back. *s
  4. I saw some at Dillards also- can't remember the name on the bag- but they were almost carbon copies !!
  5. You can find tons of designer inspired bags at Kohl's. Same goes with JC Penney or any other low end department store. It doesn't bother me. Most of the bags are made of pleather and I hate pleather, so I would never buy them anyway.

    Kohl's has some cute clothes, though.
  6. The bag you saw was a Kate Landry "Quilted Frames" shoulder bag.Inspired bags are done all the time I just don't see the bid deal.I have lost count of how many versions of the stam frame bag have been done in the past 20yrs,all MJ did was put a new spin on it and market it under his brand.
  7. I agree Cat- I think there is a HUGE difference between FAKE bags and inspired bags......
  8. You see "inspired bags" anywhere you go shopping. I see tons of it.
  9. did it say Marc Jacob?,if it didnt it isnt a fake.There is a BIG diffrence betweek fakes & Inspired bags. Fake's are illegal. Inspired are legal.
  10. I think it's really tacky to post this after ppl on board have admitted to buying bags from Kohls. I know I have -no MJ replica but they DO offer leather bags. @ least where I live they do and they also offer brands like Nine and Company (Nine West). And we all know Nine West has plenty "inspired" bags but some ppl still support Nine West bcuzz it's affordable.
  11. They only LOOK good from afar. I've seen alot of those copies before...on the street, in random shoe stores etc. But up close, it's not even comparable to the real thing. And omg, once you feel it, it's even more :yucky:
  12. You apparently did not read my entire post. I am sorry if I offended you or anyone else--I never meant to imply that buying bags from Kohl's was in any way wrong. I was merely making an observation.