Fakes At Flea Market

  1. I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this or not, but here goes anyhow...

    Yesterday, the hubby and I were at a flea market here in Alabama... there were a few sellers selling fake bags. One in particular really got to me. she had DB, Coach, LV, dior, and Chanel. These were VERY BAD FAKES! Even the hubby could tell. I wasn't really going to say anything, but I heard one lady ask her if the DB was real, and she said yes! That's when I got a little ticked at this lady. The hubby and I looked (while I made fun of her bags). We were looking at one of the Chanel's and she said she could give me a great price $65... my response was "No thanks, if I wanted a fake I oculd get it cheaper online." I just walked off after that, though I do know some of her customers heard me. I walked around and it was really eating at me, so I went back to ask if she realized she oculd go to jail for it. Well, anyhow she avoided me when I came back :cursing: , so I think my answer is yes and that she did indeed know she had fakes.

    Anyhow, the hubby and I talked and he was telling me that he thought I should report her. I spoke to the heads of the flea market and they did not seem too inclined to do anything. The hubby was still encouraging me to try and report her somewhere. So, what I need to know is if there is a way I can do this. There were 4 vendors there that I saw selling fakes. Is it possible to just report somewhere that there are fakes being sold at this particular market, or what do I do?

    I sure hope I don't come off sounding like a total witch, but that one vendor in particular really got under my skin by flat out lying to her buyer!

  2. Yours is definitely not a unique situation. These people are just trying to make a living, albeit sellilng fake bags. I wish it were different. I think your only option is just to walk away and look in the opposite direction, unless you want confrontation. Believe me.....I've been there. I just choose not to buy fake bags.
  3. That drives me crazy too. I go to the flea market about 3 times a year and every time, there are at least 3 vendors with the fakes. Argggghhhh:cursing:
  4. If you're ever in NYC, take a walk down Canal Street, I have seen women with their shopping carts full of fakes running from the police. You can discreetly report it to the police or talk to the buyer, but if you get confrontational with the seller, it could become a very dangerous situation for you.
  5. If the designer houses, who can actually afford to prosecute and make an issue with these fakers are not doing it, why should we be upset about it? I've tried to report to every entity under the sun about a fake bag shop near me, but no one actually cares. They really don't.
  6. I've decided that I cannot be the world's police for fakes. I can only control my own actions, and I choose not to buy fakes. I'll offer my opinion of them if I am asked. Otherwise, I have to let it go because of the reason Compass Rose offered. The people who CAN do something about it don't (designer houses, law enforcement, major department stores when fakes are sold in a mall, management of an open-air market, etc.).
  7. Yea, fakes really bug me. My aunt bought a pair of fake Chanel sunglasses in NY and gave them to my young cousin. I wanted to break the suckers in two when I saw them!! Just not right to plaster the logo on them, let alone the designer's name!!
  8. You could report her to the police, but I doubt the local police would really do anything about it.
  9. i bought a lot of clothing a flea market, and they have a lot of fake LVs, chanel, hermes etc.
    the sellers have not a lot of knowledge about designers, and they thought it was real, they sold em for 30-100$.
    i can't blame em, maybe when they bought the used stuffs, they were told that they were authentic, although if u can differentiate, u can find some that are authentic too.
  10. I was at the Sydney Markets the other week, and the amount of fake Guess and Chloe hanging in one of the stalls was wrong, reminded me of meat in a butcher, so gross :sick:
  11. btw, in my flea markets, i never see a new style fakes, they are totally old vintage style like from the 50s LOL
    that's why it's getting harder to know which one is auth. or not!
  12. no surprise, Fakes appear everywhere !
  13. It makes me so mad too! I'd def. report them to the police
  14. Fake Guess must be the worst, as a lot of it already looks like knockoffs IMO.:push:
  15. In my town there's a "high end" flea market every Sunday. They announce it as an "used and antiques market", and there are several sellers there with some pretty nice antiques. There's always at least one seller with fake LV, Chanel, Gucci etc there and he always has loads of customers. I've complained to the management at the market, but the don't seem to care as long as they're paid for the stalls people can sell whatever they want. I've also reported it to the local police, but they don't do anything either.