Fakes at a Festival

  1. My sister just called me from a festival in the next county. This festival attracts about 100K people over the Labor Day Weekend. She spotted three different vendors selling fake LV bags. What gives? Don't the organizers of the festival even care what is being sold?:confused1:
    I am just amazed the fake bags are showing in our rural area where the majority of the people do not even know what an authentic LV bag is. Sorry, I just had to vent.:cursing:
  2. I saw 3 fake handbags to day in Tesco lol can you believe this ?. I go into town and allmost everyone has a fake so Its very worrying. are 100% real LV getting extinct ? :sad:
  3. I was just in Bulgaria and the amount of fake LV, Chanel, Prada bags there was unbelievable:yucky:
  4. Well when I went to Turkey last year its awful I would never go again. the amount of fakes OMG shops after shops after shops I swear lots of fakes and nearly everyone has one. we went to a turkish market and these women bought 2 plastic :sad: multi colour keepalls and they were disgusting...I just stood there watching them. they got them for about £20 for 2
  5. My gosh, this is all so depressing.
  6. Yes, it is very depressing. I almost never carry my monogram line anymore because there is so many out there and half are fakes. So I have decided no more monogram purchases for me. All of my purchases from now on will be the Epi line. Its understated and I do not see many people with them..
  7. heres some pics I found on google...I had to search and search for them but this is a shop that wasnt far from my hotel and I went passed it everyday when we went the beach. The second pic is a bag shop there full of fendi and LV :throwup: :throwup:

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    marmaris 2.jpg marmaris.jpg
  8. I was at a festival in Chicago this summer, and one of the venders had fakes. My best friend, who is not in to bags, but knows I am, said look at all those purses. I said very loudly so the vender could hear, that they were fakes and that I wanted nothing to do with them.
  9. yeah you're so right...Monogram leather is the worst one. I really liked mini-monogram because when I carried a mini monogram bag ages ago everyone used to ask me if it was limited edition.
  10. if you can see...there is alot of fake d&g and gucci clothes here on teh 1st one but when you go inside theres lots of LV bags
  11. Good for you....:yahoo:
  12. ughhhhhh...i just can't stand the atrocity of it.:sick:
  13. i went to a fair today with my cousin and there was this woman in the line for fudge carrying a mono speedy with feet. i had my speedy with me and she looked at it ,looked at me and then blushed. a speedy with feet. boggles the mind
  14. I go to a lot of gift trade shows and there are always a bunch of booths with fake LV, Burberry, etc... Even if they have something completey not purse related that I like I will still not buy from them. I just walk by and glare at them.
  15. thats really disgusting