Fakes Aren't All Bad

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  1. #1 Aug 10, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2008
    Okay, so I'm not endorsing going out and picking up those nasty fakes. :tdown: Money spent on real Coach is definitely the way to go for quality, style, and moral issues (at least for me).

    Just wanted to highlight a point. Before I knew anything about Coach, I remember falling in love with my co-worker's bag (that at the time I thought was real but it wasn't).

    After obsessing (slightly...hehe) over her bag, I decided that I'd treat myself to a new purse (something I hadn't done in a very long time). While doing some research on the brand, I discovered that there were tons of fakes and wannabes out there, and that you really have to be a smart shopper if you want the real deal and especially if you shop on eBay.

    To make a long story short, if it wasn't for her fake purse, I don't think I would ever have gotten into Coach, believe it or not...since my friends really aren't into anything designer, and that fake Coach purse was really the closest thing to designer stuff!

    So yes, fakes suck, but hey, there's at least one silver lining...maybe they will attract some new Coachies? I hope so...

    Just my two cents.
  2. #2 Aug 10, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2008
    Hi BeautyInside!

    From that title I was screaming, "Uh-oh!" I can see a few people writhing and seething with rage.

    Actually, before March 2008, I knew nothing about Coach. I was bored and asked a shop owner what new handbags were available. I saw what looked like a siggy gigi (now I know the name of it) and paid $50 for it.

    In a few days it started to fray and the straps were tearing directly off the bag! I was horrified. I returned it to that store owner and received my $50 back. Right afterwards, I was mourning over my bag since I grew so attached to it.

    Since then, I started checking on the Internet and asking people about Coach. On March 23, 2008 at 6:23 pm, I walked into my first Coach boutique and bought a black/black siggy Hampton's swingpack and never looked back. Now I have several Coach bags in Soho, Hampton's, Bleecker, and Legacy (and lots of wallets, wristlets, and accessories to boot!).

    It's funny but a fake pointed me in the right direction, but I will never buy fake again since then--Coach or otherwise.

    I guess the good thing about fakes, in my case as well as yours, is that they point to the genuine brandnames in the end.

    Take care,
  3. Hehe...you're so cute. You know the exact time!
  4. I still have the receipt to mark this important epoch in my life. :lol:
  5. Aaah...the receipt! I was going to make fun of you:P and ask you how on earth you knew what time down to the minute! But that makes sense now:yes:

    You're too cute!
  6. I know lots of people that started off with fakes and eventually went to the purchasing the real thing. I think that they always wanted the real thing but couldn't imagine spending that kind of money.
  7. That is cute and true ! I used to love the leather coach bags back in the day but got away from them for a while. Seeing all of the Khaki "c's around where I live real or fake inspired my love for Coach all over again which is ironic because I have more leather and the only khaki signature peices I have are a stripe mahogany wristlet and sunglasses case. The rest is either black signature or leather.
  8. ....and here we are spending that kind of money and becoming full-blown Coachies :heart:. I am happy because it's worth every penny! Speaking of which, I am going out today and giving my friend a Birthday gift.

    Guess what, it's a dark brown Coach Chelsea Wallet. I borrowed a picture of a black one, but you get the idea of what it looks like. I hope she enjoys it.


    Take care,

  9. Yeah, it's the receipt. I should frame the thing because it put my brain straight on Coach products and quality. My black/black siggy Hampton Swingpack is still my favourite crossover pouch in my collection.

    Take care,
  10. Oh yeah. The co-worker who I mentioned started off with lots of fakes, but actually ended up buying authentic Coach purses when she discovered the outlets. I'm telling you - she was like a crazed kid in a candy store! Not like you could blame her...heh.
  11. ya know... I never really thought about it that way!

    That's true!
  12. Haha! I think this might be the ONLY good thing about fakes!! :P
  13. Haha, cute story!
  14. You know, the story could have ended in a really bad way if the counterfeit stayed strong and sturdy. I may have considered buying more from the same storeowner.

    But then, I would probably end up hearing all the smirks and laughter behind my back :wtf: :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: and would have switched to Coach after all that hardship and ostracism of carrying fakes.

    I am glad I discovered this early on and found my way...especially with the great sales that helped me to amass my Coach collection practically overnight.

    Take care,
  15. I found real Coach because I had a fake...and it was a piece of crap....and it made me mad. :smile: So though I would never recommend getting a fake to find Coach....it is the reason I'm here now...though I probably would have found my way eventually anyway. I mean, it IS Coach we are talking about. Now I'm an addict for sure!