Fakes Are Never In Fashion!

  1. Sorry is this post is redundant ~~ But I just wanted to share a website that I thought we may all enjoy. It is an initiative of Harper's Bazaar in its campaign against the fakes! It is dedicated to exposing the criminal activities connected with the counterfeit biz. Check it out;let me know what you think and again, sorry if it's redundant. The website is www.FakesAreNeverInFashion.com.
  2. thanks for the link! but the page isn't loading.. will check it out later :biggrin:
  3. The "Real Deal" portion has articles explaining the illegal implications (child labor, terrorism, etc.). This may just be preaching to the choir over here, but it can certainly arm you with more info. when talking to those who vigorously defend fakes.
  4. Thanks for the info!! Agreed......I like to have info when trying to explain to people why not to buy a fake besides the fact that they're fugly!!!

  5. You forgot tacky, cheap, and tawdry.:throwup: