"Fakes Are Never In Fashion" Campaign!!

  1. Fakes are my biggest pet peeve!! So how excited was I to open up the Harpers Bazaar August issue and see their new campaign?!?!?! Fakesareneverinfashion.com is designed to raise awareness about fakes, provide information and avenues for reporting, and there's even a T-shirt design contest! (I know it's silly, but when they come out, I may buy a bunch and make all my friends wear them!! LOL)
  2. novel idea! i love it!
  3. ^im excited! but the only thing is, the kind of people that buy fakes arent the kind of people that read harpers bazaar...IMO
  4. Good point - but hopefully seeing those t-shirts when they come out will shame those who ARE carrying them!:tup:
  5. They've been running this campaign for some time, actually. I was wondering when the contest would be over and they would unveil the winning design...
  6. Same here.
  7. According to the rules, it's open until 12/31/07.
  8. Loooving the campaign! If the T-Shirt competition's still running, I'm signing up.
    My friend & I went crafty a couple of months ago for another friends' birthday. She wanted a plain grey top, but we decided to decorate it with self-made buttons with big lips on it and a bow, put it in a shoebox decorated with magazine-campaigns and our very own logo and designername Aeni Renj (has something to do with our names) and tissue paper with the logo on it.
    But :back2topic:
    I'd like to breathe new life into Aeni Renj and join ;)
  9. Im gunna join too, does anyone know how long the contest is on till ?. This sounds like fun
  10. Good idea.
  11. Awesome idea... I am going to email it to my sister-in-law. On a visit she wanted to go to Rodeo... I went and she brought her sick knockoff crap bag... I was so embarrassed... I made her put it in her car before I would continue to walk around with her... YUK!!!
  12. does anyone have a copy of that fake article from Vogue or something regarding how fakes support terrorism/child labour etc??
  13. If you go to the website fakesareneverinfashion.com, there are links to articles about fakes. I think the Vogue one was one of them.
  14. I can't wait to see the new t-shirt !! I would wear it!
  15. I think this is a very good idea, because when people get their auctions removed on eBay they don't even get in trouble...ARRG:cursing: Unless you live in France. I think it is a good idea to stop the consumers from buying instead of people from selling. Handbags should be outlawed on eBay in the first place. I am very impressed someone is making an effort to communicate with the consumers because then the fakers will have no customers!! That would be a glorious moment....okay I'm done my shameless plug:smile: