Fakes Are Invading My Room!

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  1. I live in a dorm room and my roommate his lost of fake tokidokis and coach bags. And i think she thinks they are real. I didn't like her before, but the fake bags make me like her even less. They are making my real tokidokis and coaches really really sad!!!!
  2. LOL. How sad! I hate fakes!
  3. "my roommate his lost of fake tokidokis and coach bags."

    My roommate has lots right? Making sure because it could be like lost his???? fake bags..

    Anyways, that whatever floats people's boat in their items. You should ask what kind of print and style the bag is and see if she knows.
  4. Eh, maybe she couldn't afford real ones. I would never not like someone because of their bag, though. :shrugs:
  5. ^ Yeah me too, I think it's too superficial to judge someone by their bag. I'm sure she knows they are fakes. Hey come on even someone on this forum who owns genuine tokis was looking for fakes the other day.
  6. Ohh man!! i really didn't mean to sound superficial. I think it was just cause she was/is getting on my nerves. The fake bags were just one more thing to tick me off...

    (probably the reason for my terrible typing errors in the original post)

    However, I think she thinks they are real because she refers to them as her "tokidoki makeup case/purse."
  7. Heh maybe she just wants to copy you. You could try getting a fake large tattoo.. maybe she'll end up getting the real thing scaled down!
  8. I don't think all people can notice fakes as easily as us avid collectors think they can. My mum, knowing I like tokidoki, bought me what she thought to be real tokidoki purses when she was in malaysia. However they werent real they were fake, yet she really thought they were the real thing.

    I dont promote the fakes, however i would feel bad if i didnt use it as it would hurt her feelings, also it is a check book size wallet in "pirata" which i really wish lesprortsac sold :[

    I just hope she didnt pay over the moon for them, otherwise she probably did think they were real!
  9. Agreed :smile:

    luvhautecouture: Did you ever ask her if she knew they weren't real? If she's in denial just ignore her.

    Personally if a person loves fakes good for them but I dislike tokidoki fakes so much because Simone is an artist and tokidoki characters are his art. I'd be pissed if someone reproduced something I created illegally. Plus fake bags usually = sweat shops but eh :shrugs: I'd rather save for the real thing than get something just to be trendy.
  10. Well I didn't ask her personally, but here's part of the story:

    We live in a triple and both me and our 3rd roommate have a few tokidoki pieces. She told me a few weeks ago that she and her aunt got her some tokidoki bags so she could be like us...

    so I don't know how you interpret that... any insight into whether or not she knows they are fake? I don't really want to ask her cause I don't want to sound pretentious
  11. So she can be like you guys? That's cute (depending if on her real intentions?). I would casually mention some of the bag names or you could introduce her to the tokidoki blog and be like, "Oh here's a bag archive, I'll show you my favorite prints or wishlist" maybe that could work and see if she gets the hint?
  12. Well, you could also look at it another way (if you really dont like her). Everytime she refers to her bags or wears them, just have your own private "chuckle" and laugh it off...one day someone who doesnt know her will tell her they are fake, and she will feel pretty bad!

    Or, if you do like her, you could just tell her, and tell her your only saying this so she doesnt pay a lot for a fake in the future, if she doesnt believe you, introduce her to the blog!!!
  13. Maybe she just isn't good at making friends & wants to hang out with you guys. :shrugs:
    That, or it's more Single White Female-esque. :lol:
  14. hahaha

    you should flaunt your real ones so she can see the difference.