Fakes are getting pretty good, it is scary

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  1. Wow, they are getting pretty good - it is VERY frightening!!! I even saw ones that had all the c's lined up/centered on the purse! And I just went thru hell trying to authenticate a particular bag I just got on eBay (I swear it looks SO authentic and the Seller says it is authentic - purchased from Dillards) and I'm still unsure whether it is real or Fake! I think the only way to really know is to send it into Coach and have them authenticate it for me. I just don't have the $$ to have them do that yet.
  2. Have you tried taking it to the boutique?
  3. No, I haven't yet. The SA's here aren't very nice if you're not buying from them. They always seem to look down their noses at me every time I go in - even to buy from them! I'm afraid they'll just tell me the bag is Fake to try and get me to buy from the Boutique. *sigh*
  4. uhm, why are there pictures of 2 dogs in the listing?
    is she throwing them in along with the bag? :p
  5. It does say Bonus in the title
  6. The Cs are crooked on the back of the bag and the leather looks low-quality.
  7. Also, it looks like it has a signature lining, which I read is the mark of a fake bag if the bag is signature.
  8. They are crooked, and it does have a signature lining, but for a person who is new to coach, it could be a very convincing fake.
  9. ewwww that bag is hideous!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its not that good of a fake but the fact that it actually has the right style # is scary!
  10. Wow! For someone that doesn't know Coach well, that would look like a great deal :tdown:

    IDK what was up w/the dogs either, lol -- was she trying to say it's from a home w/dogs?
  11. that fake is very ugly the quality is awful
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