Fakers sure do work fast!!!

  1. Where in God's green earth did you find this UGLY thing????
  2. :throwup: :throwup: :throwup: :lol:
  3. Sadly and surprisingly, eBay. :crybaby:

    I think they were aiming for the bag in your avatar, Bagasms... :roflmfao:
  4. all the more reasons people who make counterfit bags would never be capable of being real designers.
  5. wasn't the texture supposed to be furry towel looking? gosh, these fakers will do anything!
  6. What the :censor: and over 1K BIN???!!!:throwup:
  7. wtf.
  8. Already posted in the fake sticky. ;)
  9. ...and posted in here as well. ;)
  10. thats just plain ugly!
  11. You gotta admire the COJONES of that seller though, $699 LOL
  12. :yucky: i almost puked!
  13. Ewwwww
  14. ick ick ick make it go away