Fakers getting Sneaky on TPF!! Suspicious Threads on the Rise!!

  1. I've just read three new threads in a row, all of which seem highly suspicious. To me, they all sound like owners and/or advertisers of fake websites, trying pass themselves off as members of TPF who were customers of these sites.

    Perhaps the fakers are trying to find ways around TPF's rules against selling on this site. By posing as a new member who's "sharing" a new site they found, they think they're being smart. I spotted one right away - not only was everything on the site fake, but the language the poster used & their msg content gave them away. Be careful which links you trust, and where you end up shopping. If anything, play it safe - If a new member's post/thread seems the slightest bit questionable, report it, and let the moderators decide if it's really authentic or fake. Better to be safe then sorry and have a bunch of PF members being duped by these fakers.
  2. Thank you!!! I have noticed some 'new' activity - I guess people think we're sitting ducks, or something - if they only KNEW how smart we are, especially as a TEAM! GO tPF!!!
  3. ^ report them so we can check them? THX!!!
  4. I haven't noticed anything. lol! You guys should report them so the mods can take a look.
  5. Yup, I've noticed that as well! I just report whatever suspicious activity I see. Grrr, I hate spammers! Especially the ones promoting fakes. :cursing: :nospam:
  6. "Come on share it with me" REFINED TEA? Dear God. I reported that one too.
  7. Well, I'm new here but I only shop at Eluxury and BALNY, so they couldn't persuade me anyway.

    Sunshine I love you avatar, I love Amy's album!
  8. I've already reported the ones I found suspicious so that the moderators can decide if they're real or not.
  9. LOL!! this kinda gave it away too - "Go to see it! I think you must like it too!" - not exactly US phrasing!!!
  10. I can't tell you what a life-saver this site has been for me. From helping me find authentic resellers, to new handbag designers....this site is like a handbag bible! Just wanted to thank everyone who contributes, you guys are all doing us an invaluable service! :tpfrox:
  11. I've seen them quite a bit lately. I report them every time. I even look back in their posting history to see if they've posted the same crap in other forums, and I report those too. They must think we're all stupid here.
  12. Crap...I got on this site to avoid things like this...Come on people, we just want to discuss our love of handbags, not get scammed! Be honest, please!!!
  13. Yeah, I reported one the other day...some thread linking to a site to buy fakes! I couldn't believe it!
  14. do they think we don't talk about this stuff? :confused1: i'm sorry to hear people have been scammed--there's a market for fakes and what not...it's just not on this forum!:push:
  15. Oh god! We've been infiltrated!!!!!!!!!!!!