Fakers are fast! Dentelle fakes already?!

  1. :yucky: :yucky: :yucky:

    I can't believe there are Dentelle fakes already??? Or maybe I'm COMPLETELY out of the loop in which case someone please enlighten me!

    Taking the escalator down out of my office building, I see a girl with a Dentelle speedy - except the vachetta and shape is exactly like the Denim Neo Speedy style, but with the monogram Dentelle. Plus the "patina" was already a darkish warm honey brown!

    This just makes me sad.

    We can't get our hands on the real stuff yet and others are already parading around with their fakes with pride?! :wtf:
  2. what?? really??? that's crazy..
  3. ^^
    Yeah - I had to doubletake and look at it twice cuz I could hardly believe my eyes!
  4. It seems everyone's parading round with the fake spring and summer line
  5. yeah, I've seen a fake dentelle wallet on eBay the other day :throwup:
  6. Yes I saw the dentelle wallet on eBay also in fact it was discussed in another thread here. The fakers get their machines going the minute the Runway pics are released! Such a shame that silly people think they are cool carrying a "new LV" I would rather carry a plastic bag!!!! :yes:
  7. This is just sad.
  8. Yup...it's true and pretty upsetting for those of us on this board who pay for the real deal!! Every time I see a fake, it makes me mad!!!
  9. argh. i saw a lot of these today at some markets in KL. There was the neo speedy style you described and some other one. Yuck yuck yuck!!
    Im on the waitlist for the BH and cant wait to get a quality, REAL one
  10. While I am certain that was fake. Just an FYI: the leather on the dentelle is brownish-honey color! It's not like the normal vachetta!
  11. Yeah it's sickening to see.
  12. If anyone have fake dentelle pics, i would love to see it. I'm on the waitlist for it and it saddens me to know....
  13. yuck!

    if i walk on the streets, i will see a lot of fakes, making me stressed. so to make me less stress, i hang out at posh places where only the rich with money 2 burn go.
  14. This is true:yes: . It is a dark brown color. My SA told me that when I was looking at the book.
  15. I'm sure this is why lv tries to keep the new bags quiet, this way the fakers dont have much to go on. Or why they give you a picture so far in advance then the looks change a bit. The faker will copy that prototype *hehe*.

    Either way bad fakers!