Faked or inspired MbyMJ?

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  1. Does anyeone know whether fake MbyMJ bags are out there?

    Today, as I was getting of the Metro, I thought I spied a MbyMJ Teri tote. However, when I got closer, I noticed that it was a replica - I couldn't tell if it was an outright fake or inspired version - all I could tell was that the lining was DEFINITELY NOT the lining for a Teri tote.

    I've kind of thought that the MbyMJ bags were safe, but I guess not.
  2. I don't know if they're faked but I had got a pvc inspired teri from nordstrom for $40 just to throw my school books in and use and abuse. It's brown with shiny gold hardware and has a satiny green lining inside. One of the turnlocks came off after day 4 of buying it and I ended up getting a teri anyway. They sold the same bag at Urban outfitters. Urban outfitters always sells desitner inspired bags like the botkier bianca and YSL muse. It's funny because I always get a zillion compliments on the inspired but not on the teri. I also saw a teri look alike in brown at anthropologie for over $400.
  3. a few links to counterfeit mbmj bags have shown up in the authenticate this thread, so i guess the mbmj bags aren't safe now either. it's probably because the styles are so popular that the counterfeiters realized how profitable they could be. i wonder how much the fakes are being sold for since the turnlock bags aren't nearly as expensive as the collection bags. in the end, how much could one possibly be saving buying a fake mbmj bag? unless they're going to create replicas of the new pleated totes...
  4. I've seen some fake turnlock teri's on ebay (with plain lining, not the all over print mbmj lining).

    Urban Outfitters always has inspired by bags... I didn't realize the sources until I joined this forum, but I know they've done pvc versions of chloe paddington satchels, jimmy choo ramonas, and mj stams in addition to who knows how many other inspired by bags.
  5. Yup, I've seen some fake MbMJ bags on ebay, too. They're usually safe, but there's always the exception. :rolleyes:
  6. I've noticed this too! Last time I was UO, I saw a silver metallic (PVC) "Muse" and I wondered how many girls bought that thinking it was cute and not realizing it was a knockoff! Hopefully that was the case with the girl you saw on the Metro...
  7. I actually posted some of my fake MbMJ sightings on the Authentication thread, but most of them are just so obvious that even a person who've seen only a couple of MbMJ's can tell the difference! The fakes I saw on eBay had the wrong lining and wrong hardware, some that's something to look out for.

    The reason I like MbMJ bags is that they're recognizable and aren't faked as often (like LV's or Gucci's where every third person is toting one, real or most often the case, fake). I guess these counterfeiters are onto anything that makes money and that's such a disappointment. Inspired bags also take the fun out for people who actually buy the real thing IMO.
  8. A few years ago I bought an "inspired" Bbag from Target! I guess I was pretty desperate!

    I'll be sad if MbMJ gets faked all the time!!
  9. There are definitely fake MBMJs out there. I don't normally look at MBMJ bags, but members have posted fakes before. Keys to look out for are bad nameplates and plain lining. Fakers never get the lining correct with MBMJs, usually because the lining has a complicated print. It's the more popular MBMJs that get faked too, like those with the logo printed on leather. I remember seeing several fakes from sellers in Indonesia.
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