1. My best friend's boyfriend bought her fake Chanel earrings. How rude! To my knowledge, these particular Chanel earrings don't even cost too much. I believe they retail for about $150-250. They're the posts with the logo. Insulting is what I call it!
  2. Did he know it's fake?
  3. Yea, they only cost 210 lol. Wonder if he knew they were fake...did/does she know?
  4. Does she know? What does she say?
  5. I'm not sure if HE knew. A lot of people (who aren't as well informed as us!) think just because something has tags means it's real...but my friend, I should have added, buys knock-off stuff all the time, insisting you can't tell the difference (you can). It's one thing to buy yourself knock-off items, but to give them as gifts is just plain rude IMO. He probably knows they are fake, though I don't know. She knows they're fake, but insists they look real...I do not approve! Her boyfriend has a good job, etc. They've been having problems lately and she's always complaining how thoughtless he is. This just heightens my negative opinions of him. 'Here honey, here's some knock-off earrings to show you how much I don't care!' She, on the other hand, is thrilled. I suppose if she's happy, I'm happy.
  6. ^ Hes a guy. He either doesnt know or doesnt care. Give him the benefit of the doubt, I'm sure he didnt mean to be "rude".
  7. ^^ I dont understand why it would bother you so much. Everyone thinks differently. There are some who don't want to spend the $$ on the real thing and am satisfied with knock off. Just let it go. She doesn't mind it and so shan't you. By giving her negative comments about the item, you are hurting her.
  8. True, if you guys are friends it shouldnt really matter unless its hurting her somehow right? Like you said, shes happy so maybe to her its a sign he does care.
  9. I suppose, it's just that I'm almost positive that he knew they were fake. She doesn't mind, so I guess I don't. I haven't said anything negative to her about them at all. I just said a simple, 'That's nice, are they real?' I was just looking for other input because I feel giving knock offs as gifts are like a slap in the face. He could have went to Macy's or something an bought a nice pair of earrings with the money he spent on the knock offs. That would have made him a nice boyfriend. Instead, he mocked her by getting her a fake version of the earrings she wanted.
  10. I'd definitely be annoyed if someone bought me a fake anything. I think fakes are just wrong in general...besides the fact that they are illegal. If you can't afford a real one don't pretend like you can. And don't get someone a fake one on purpose. Jeeez.

    I mean, in this case she obviously doesn't care. But I'd be super peeved. I'd rather have a non designer item than a fake 'designer' piece.
  11. Casto, i agree.
  12. That's the point I was trying to make. She defended it by saying, 'He probably spent like $100 on them.' My first point being, price does not matter. Fashion has no price tag. With that $100, he could have bought her a decent pair of earrings from a jewlery store instead of contributing to the ebay mess.
  13. I don't think that he was mocking her or giving the impression that she was cheap by giving her fake earrings. To most guys, jewelry all looks alike. I think he gave them to her with good intentions. He could easily have not given her anything at all. Besides, she's happy with the gift. Let her enjoy it. You're not the one wearing fake earrings.
  14. You're absolutely right, I'm just looking out for her...he probably meant well. Perhaps I just took it the wrong way.
  15. I agree with everyone who said that $100+ is better spent on nice non-designer jewelry rather than knockoff jewelry. I bet those fake Chanel earrings aren't even real gold or silver. He could have gotten some nice non-designer gold earrings from QVC or someplace similar. However, if getting fake Chanel earrings make her happy, then let her be happy.