1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. http://myexoticbags.com
    Has anybody bought from these guys? If so, please let me know if they are real. Thanks
  2. FAKE FAKE FAKE!!!! Anyone who is selling Louis Vuitton bags for less than retail, calling them brand new, is a counterfeit seller. Plus the multicolore pics are stolen from Eluxury.com, and they have bags there that LV hasn't ever made. Steer clear- stick only with Eluxury.com. :smile:
  3. SOrry, but that whole site looks FAKE to me. Denim speedies for $200??? Stealing pics from eluxury? I'd stay far away from them!
  4. Ummmmmmmmmmm...... SUPERFAKE! $600 for a $20,000 Hermes?

    STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Good Lord, flamming fakes!! :sick: :mad: :evil:
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