Fake Vuitton bag in Charity Auction?

  1. Have a look at this hideous bag.


    I'm presuming people are expecting it to be genuine because it's for this big charity auction?

    Also, anyone think it's a bit suspect that they have one of the new vinyl bags?


    Look at the answer to the question asked. Think someone hasn't taken as much time as they should with the listing??

  2. I was having a look through the charity auction. How do you know its a fake? Surly a charity auction would not allow you to bid on fake items?
  3. The second isnt fake.
    The first on the other hand (and I have to say I am NO expert on the MC line)...I think it shouldnt have a bow on it. Please correct me if im wrong.
  4. They get this stuff donated and probably not authenticated. We all know that first one is fake, but man that second one is dubious!
  5. You're right about the bow. The multi colour pochette has never had one. (was it only the 2003 Cherry Blossom, and the Eye Love You lines that had the bows?)

    Also, even if by some leap this was a special edition, or a special order done for someone (although I thought you couldn't get special order in MC) look at the bow. Nothing like the lovely CB bow's at all. And the studs on the thing are round and fat, unlike the lovely round and pointed studs on the pochettes. And the strap connections look duff.

    Someone had already posted about the vinyl bag (my bad) and looks like that may be genuine, as it was given out to a vip at the March show, but the fact the discription makes mention of a jacket, just makes me think that I wouldn't be happy bidding on any of the Vuitton items listed...

    I wonder if I'll get a reply to "Ask seller a question"....???