Fake vs. real maddy/mahala

  1. I just found a bronze "mahala" on e-bay item #180139964710. I compared it to my real bronze maddy and here are the pics of some of the differences. Take a look at the zippers. The real zippers are much more intricate and the teeth are different. Also the fake has dark brown zippers, mine are more light brown. The decorative stitching on the fake matches the color of the bag. Mine has a definate contrast and is more tan in color. On the inside of the bag the stitching is squared around the corners of the metallic leather surrounding the zipper on the fake. Mine has more rounded edges. The key holder is shiny on the fake. Mine is matte.
    The first two pictures are fake. The second two are real.
    copy.jpg fake.jpg fake vs real maddy 001.jpg fake vs real maddy 003.jpg
  2. Yep. Glaring differences. You sure know Choo! :tup:
  3. Great Job:tup: Thanks for posting!
    Also, did you notice how bad the font is on the lilac tag, key snaps & front name plate:yucky:
  4. thanks for posting
    Good to get a "Choo education" :smile:
  5. Thanks for posting - I'm still waiting to get my first Choo and am still learning what constitutes a fake on eBay.
  6. Among other things, the 'Jimmy Choo' front plaque on the fake one seems a bit lower than the authentic one, also.
  7. Thanks for posting.

    This may sound ridiculous, but I have a Riki I bought in December and I had no idea the tab under the zipper was a key holder! I guess I thought it was just decorative. So thanks again for your post, now I don't have to just throw my keys in my bag!!!
  8. honestly I didn't know that until I read it just now!
  9. Quote:
    Me either!:shame:
  10. Here are pics of the real vs. fake mahala/maddy. Robynbenz and Samantha also have real Mahala and Maddy bags. Take a look at their pictures in the show off your bags thread. They take much better pics than I do.
  11. Hi, everyone. Your knowledge and advice are life-savers for those of us shopping eBay to try to score an authentic JC.

    I'm currently looking for one of the deep red/burgundy Mahala's or Maddy's that I believe came out last year (please correct me if I'm wrong about that).

    I viewed the photos of the fake vs real bronze Mahala above. Did the 2006 line use the same unusual zipper? Is the piece of leather surrounding the lavender plate on the interior rounded always? What are the things to note about the font on the name plate? Is it the spacing between the letters, b/c the authentics look like the letters have a little more space between them than the fakes. Is the lavender ribbon trim always grosgrain and does it always have the scalloped-like edge?

    Thanks in advance for your responses.
  12. :ninja: Good job! I am still a newby - so thanks for the heads-up!
  13. i LOVE that you were able to do this! especially b/c telling the difference between the maddy/mahala fakes seems to be a bit harder than the riki/ramonas! thanks for doing the work and posting this! it's such a help! :tup:
  14. I'm actually looking for '06 Maddy and Mahala owners to confirm my untrained observations. Can Samantha or robynbenz confirm that the above are true regarding the key things to note when checking for fakes?
  15. t4p! i was looking on eBay the other day for a mahala and felt like nearly everything on there was fake! but now i have something else to look for besides the ridiculously low price point!