Fake Vs. Irregular

  1. So someone offered to get me a purse hook up today because they know I like purses. He said the lady sells LV, Prada, Fendi, Gucci, Dior, and Kate Spade. I asked if they were fake. He said no, they were the irregular bags.

    I know that there are some outlets that sell irregular Coach bags. I have been in them and they are legitimate. So what I am asking is if the brands I listed also have irregular bags that get sold. It sounds fishy to me. But I wanted to ask.
  2. I'm not an expert, but from what I've read, LV does not in any way shape or form offer their "irregulars" for sale from any source - they destroy them. I know that Coach and Burberry have outlets, but LV definitely doesn't and I haven't heard of them existing for the others you listed. Like I said, I'm no expert, but my guess would be that at least w/regard to the LV that woman is selling, it's fake.
  3. ^ I completely agree w/ willowsmom! I don't think coach sell irregular either they just sell past season, outlet onlys, floor models, & returns. But no designer that I know or heard of sells irregular to anyone. The only company that does is Dooney.
  4. I've ask Dior Outlet if their discounted stuff are irregulars. They said they do not sell sub standard products. Everything Dior sell are deemed perfect, even at the Outlet.
  5. i would be very surprised and shocked if LV allows irregular bag sale!
  6. Yup. Same thing with Coach. I asked when I called their 1-800 number and BF has talked to SAs and asked them about it.
  7. Yeah, I figure the bags are fake too.

    Now as for Coach, I have been to two different outlets...of course it was years ago. BUt the stores sold merchandise that had slight imperfections and the SA's said that the bags were considered irregular. I remember that. And it was a legitimate Coach outlet. I think one of the ones I went to was in Myrtle BEach.
  8. :shrugs: I dunno. I called Coach and asked about it and they said that they don't have seconds. They said that it's from what they didn't sell in the stores. They do have lines specifically made for the outlets but I haven't seen any imperfections or irregularities yet. That would make it very hard to authenticate then (C's not lining up and such issues). This has been discussed several times before cause many people would advertise on eBay and other sites as factory seconds and stuff like that and Coach says they don't have any seconds.

    Then again, most of the stuff I have purchased have definitely come from the store and sent to the outlets. I wait and watch until they put up new bags in the stores and I know that by that time, it's at the outlets.
  9. Could they mean store displays? I know that the Coach stores will never sell you the displays. They will go to the back and get one and ring it up.
  10. They definitely don't! LV deems all their products perfect, otherwise they won't sell it. They'll start over again until it IS perfect.
    This is just a new way that the people who sell fakes try to get people..they say their bags are just "rejects" or "irregulars" to try to get people to think that they're real, just ones that wouldn't sell in the store.
    But anyway, to the OP, definitely stay away..NO one would sell "irregular" bags from all those different brands/designers.
  11. No, they didn't mean store displays. They explained it to me that there may be a stitch or something off that really isn't noticeable to most people.
  12. Agreed-LV destroys their irregulars. There is no such thing as an irregular LV.
  13. I vote the bulk of her stuff is fake. Probably like those hideous purse parties.
  14. Gotcha. I dunno. The 1-800 number said they cut them up if it's not up to the Coach standards but maybe you're right. If it's just one stitch.....that's a shame to trash it.
  15. FWIW, I've bought store displays at the Coach store before, when I really wanted it (heh) and it was the only one they had left. They always ask "are you sure?" but they've never refused to sell it.