Fake Vintage Sleeper Episode......

  1. the saga continues........

    So. I sent the blasted thing back with notes pinned to each offending area requesting that he send me an authentic Hermes Sleeper like he was supposed to do in the first place......and I just got a response that something (we hope it's the real deal this time) is on its way.

    In a few days we'll see if Croc Kelly gets to rest inside an authentic vintage Hermes sleeper as befits her age and station in life.....:shame:

    ....we'll see......
  2. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!!!:yes:
  3. Gosh, I really do hope so. Fingers crossed!
  4. Hope it works out this time!!!! :flowers:
  5. Wishing you the "real" thing!
  6. **SENDING "AUTHENTIC" Vibes your way Shopmom!!

    But did you say you were dealing with a MAN? (sorry guys out there, but even with stickies:confused1: )
  7. Oh shopmom...did he send you a pic of the authentic one? Just wondering!
  8. Good luck Shopmom, let's hope this time it will work out for you!!
  9. OH good point, KB! Man! I must be living in my own little S'Mom world over here....didn't think to ask for pics - oiy vey......
  10. shopmom I hope you get what you paid for. Please keep us posted.
  11. Sending good vibes your way too!!!
  12. OH YES,... GOOD LUCK!!!:yes:
  13. heeheehee....kinda wondering what's going to be in the package he's sending.... thank God I didn't spend a fortune on this thing.
  14. Whatever it is it will be a surprise.
    Hope it is a good surprise, Shopmom.
  15. i'm just wondering why, if he really has an "authentic" one in his possession, couldn't he send it to you the FIRST TIME AROUND? was he saving it as a special surprise?? "well ok, but only if you REALY want it" im sorry but WTF!???