Fake Vernis Cles on Ebay

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  1. Ah I remember seeing this and thinking.. year 2027 eh !
  2. ew gross!!

    the real perle pochette cles is divine! i want to buy one, but i already have the framboise. i may just have to indulge myself so that i can have something perle!
  3. So many things. The fake vernis really do look like a train wreck.
  4. There's more than four. How sad. V
  5. even the size/proportion (width v. length) of the cles isn't right.
  6. I had to look at the real one from Elux to compare. It does look off. You ladies are so good.
  7. the date code should be vertical along the seam, along with it being 2007, the zipper pull is wrong /too big,
  8. 1) Monogram is off
    2) Zipper pull is wrong
    3) Date code is in the wrong place. In the fake, in place of the date code there should be a latch for the keychain as in the authentics.
    3) Im not sure but i think all Vernis cles's are made in Spain. The fake is made in France. I could be wrong!
    4) Proportion is wrong

    and I didnt realize this until Ayla pointed it out:
    5) Date code is 2007

    anything else?

    This is what i do when I am bored... I try to find fakes on Ebay and figure out whats wrong with them. I figure its practicing so I can authenticate LV like an expert. HAHAHA =)
  9. Looked pretty good at first glance, the date code is a dead giveaway !