FAKE Uggs at Shoes.com? Help!

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  1. After condemning Uggs as "literally the ugliest shoes on the planet" for years, I finally broke down and ordered a pair from Shoes.com a few weeks back. Being the indecisive person I am, I ended up sending them back. But that's not really the story:

    A few days ago, Chicago was hit by a lot of snow (after what was a really mild winter thusfar...), and in my shock I ended up ordering ANOTHER pair of Classic Tall Uggs (this time from a store at Amazon.com). I received them today.

    Well the two pairs I ordered were COMPLETELY different. Namely, the inner lining was a different material & the fit was different (the ones from Shoes.com felt a lot larger).

    The problem is, I have no idea which one was/is fake! I usually don't check out the Uggs in department stores because I never intend to buy them. Does anyone have any tips for identifying real Uggs? The ones I received today from a store through Amazon.com seem to be higher quality than the ones from Shoes.com, but I really can't tell.

    Any tips? Pictures would be MUCH appreciated. Then maybe I can check the inner lining.

    I will post pictures ASAP
  2. what store through Amazon? usually amazon direct's products are pretty reliable, but they don't guarantee their 3rd party sales...if you know which store it was through amazon, then we can try to gauge how legit it is :yes:
  3. OMG I have seen some fake UGGS ie from the back tag...I would really like to see the pics just to be able to compare from my own pairs.

    I do know that everyone I know who has bought UGgs from Nordstroms has gotten the real deal
  4. I've posted pics in the "authenticate this" thread, but I will repost them below:

    The boots were purchased through the Amazon store "Overland," which from what I gather is a reputable store in and of itself. They were literally the ONLY store I could find that had my size in stock...

    I'm leaning towards these being real, and the initial ones I ordered from Shoes.com being fake. But I'm really NOT sure, so any "expert" opinions would be greatly valued! :smile:

    (Sorry for the not-so-great pictures. My camera is on it's last leg, and the flash is pretty terrible.)


    The inner lining is what worries me....like I said, it looks a bit too "regular" ie synthetic...is that normal?
  5. Could they be two different types of Uggs? Maybe they didn't send you the exact ones you ordered? I have seen tags like that on Uggs at reputable stores.
  6. Can you post a photo of the other pair or side by side to compare. Also of the bottom soles. And the inside tag. Maybe they are of two different seasons?

    I have two pair bought about 3 years apart and they are slightly different and the sole is completely different.
  7. Actually, I believe its Amazon Direct that keeps getting caught selling fake Prada. Not only that, but they remove the comments and reviews that people make where they have detailed why they believe the products are fakes (specifics about what real bags have that these do not).
  8. Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of the pair from Shoes.com. (I wish I had!) Is there really no sure fire way of checking authenticity?
  9. I first bought uggs in 2004 and they were made in new zealand. I bought another pair from zappos in 2005 and they were made in china. I freaked out because i thought they were fake since the inner lining also felt more synthetic and thinner. I called zappos and the actual manufacturer, ugg australia, and they told me that a portion of the uggs are being made in china now and that they are authentic. I guess this is what happens when you outsource.
  10. I have china-made ones with plush furry lining and one pair with a synthetic-feel lining if that makes sense, and both are authentic. Not much help sorry.
  11. yeah, i just read some of the amazon threadas on here. guess it's hit or miss. weird about the removal of reviews though...that's totally sketchy. i have to say on their part though - stuff sold directly from them are backed by a really good return/refund policy, at least in my experience...:shrugs:
  12. Wow. I didn't even know there're fake Uggs.
  13. There are a lot of fake Uggs out there, check out the zappos site for really good pics to compare. The other thing that is strange is the fit, the classic talls were running large with people sizing 1 to 1 1/2 sizes down according to the Zappos reviews.
  14. Just remember there are many styles of Uggs out there.....Also here's my 2 cents on size... Every year their sizing tends to fluctuate for some reason. I worked in a store that sold Uggs for many years, every year the shipment came in we tried them on to see how they were running. One year I needed a seven another year a six. I also have two of the exact styles of Ugg shoes produced in different years.....same size and fit completely different. I've used onlineshoes.com and gotten authentic Uggs.....
  15. About different shoe sizes on the same shoes / same company. Sizing depends on the "lasts" used. The last is this thing (I can't remember everything from when I learned this, but you can find it online by searching. Don't know for what! - lol) that they make shoes on. As long as the SAME LAST is used, the sizing will remain the same, and when there is a new last, there can be different sizes, or they seem to be!

    I hope that helps a bit. I'm researching fake Uggs. I almost went with eBay, but there isn't any knowledge on telling fakes from real. I'd just buy retail, but 6s are sold out. I bought another brand that seems good quality, plus seems like it will fit my muscular calves somewhat better anyway. It should arrive by Thursday - thank goodness for Zappos!