Fake Tokis @ Hawaii Swap Meet

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  1. I spotted two tents selling fake tokidoki bags & cosmetic cases, or as my bf calls it fokidoki...I took some pics and wanted to share & to warn Hawai girls (even though you'd probably spot it too) :biggrin: hahaha. It's really too bad that Tan PG was not real :crybaby:

    There were "versions" of original print, pirata, tan playground, camo and transporto (very bad version)...and maybe some others.

    Anyways, the pics & sorry for the bad quality, it was from my camera phone.




    & I saw a lady in Best Buy with a fake regular white qee on a regular lesportsac bag (idk if it was real)...but the qee was the FLAT one. So ew. I wanted to take a picture, but didn't.

    Btw, nothing against those who purposely buy fake bags. Not everyone likes to pay alot for stuff and that's perfectly fine. Also, I would buy my kid (if I had one) a fake toki just cuz kids and real ones might not be a good idea.
  2. Ew @ fakes.

    But I agree with you with the "nothing against those who purposely buy fake bags."
    I... want a fake Tutti(if they ever come out)... Lol, so I can color it in, and see if it looks nice. xD If it does, I'll probably color my real Tutti(when I buy one) or buy another Tutti just to color it. Lol.
  3. lol you are too cute! You want to practice on the fake first. I don't blame you, that's a good idea hehe!

    Jessaka, I've seen a few fakes in some of those small stores in Melrose and they're pretty bad! It's kinda easy to spot, even from far away.
  4. ^ohh haha...well that's the first time I've spotted them here lol. Yeahh they are pretty easy to spot. I was kinda far away when I first saw them haha.
  5. Yes, especially the foresta fakes! The color is so off!!
  6. I would love to get a cheap fake to be able to cut up and make a dog coat my my dog. I would never cut up a real one but it would be nice to be matching.
  7. ^ lol!! A dog coat would be awesome :biggrin:

    My mom actually sews little sweaters and t-shirts for our little pomeranian. :smile:
  8. lol thats a cute idea :biggrin:
  9. Fake bags make me sad :sad: I hate knowing people make money off of that stuff! Do you know how much they were charging for them?
  10. Aww! Thanks. I'm sure many people might've thought of this too. xD

    Arisu: That's sooo cute! Too bad my dog.. doesn't like clothing -.- So spoiled. xD
  11. Well, last time my mom went she said the people at swap meet were selling them for like $20. At least they are not charging people the real price lmfao...
  12. I agree too....if you know you are buying a fake then cool....my bf sent me a fake pirate cosmetic case from Tawain and I gave it to my 12yo daughter. She was happy and she does not know the difference
  13. jessaka-is it this the kam or stadium swamp meet?
    everytime i go to the kam swamp meet to buy veggies for my grams ;), i see fake LV's, Coach and Gucci. I've never seen fokitoki's:roflmfao: at kam or stadium. I guess since toki's are more popular nowdays...they wanted to ride the toki wave.

    yah someone gave me a fake paradiso bag and a fake cosmetic case for my birthday and i gave it to my 8 year old, cause she likes the print and plus she would totally ruin a real one.
  14. I saw a fake Flower'Spring Paradiso Luna sell on eBay for $91. I always wonder if people know they're buying a fake, or if they will ever know?

    There was also a nasty fake Citta Rosa-ish tote that sold and the description actually said "Tokidoki bag in the Flower'Spring print". Ugh.

  15. I always wonder why they are called 'flower spring' like its some brand... Is there a huge maker of fakes off somewhere that supplies all the fakes and calls themselves flower spring? What does it all mean!? AAAH