Fake tokidokis spotted at Bay Area Mall!

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  1. Today I went to Eastridge Mall in San Jose. I went to Sanrio and I saw they were selling fake tokidokis! Fake inferno! Fake bag styles and "flowersprings". Ugh I was so disgusted, I left the store. There's no way this is legal. Fake tokidoki in a SANRIO store?!?!?! Should I report them?
  2. Omg, in Sanrio?! That's so surprising, especially considering that Hello Kitty, which is from Sanrio is collaborating with Toki!
  3. Are you sure it was a Sanrio store and not just a store that sells Sanrio (or possible fake Sanrio,even)? I doubt a Sanrio store would sell other brands... none I've been to have.
  4. i'm definitely sure it was a Sanrio store, the store is called "Sanrio". i think the owner of the store is trying to make a few bucks on them because I really doubt Sanrio would allow this. I also saw some LV inspired wallets...
  5. i saw non-sanrio stuff at sanrio stores before too.
  6. You should report it to the contact address in www.tokidoki.it

    Simone clamps down on fakes (unlike most of the better known designer brands .. ugh) so every little but of info helps.
  7. Wow Hello Kitty?! That's really interesting. Like what Hoodster said, they're collaborating too!
  8. Oh man! In San Jose too?? If you go to Oakland Chinatown where the Sanrio store is, they ALSO have super fake/ugly flowerspring bags! I saw them in August and have since reported it, but like... Hello Kitty and Tokidoki are gonna be TOGETHER... how can Sanrio do this?
  9. I'd guess that it is an act on the store manager's part and not condoned by Sanrio...
  10. Gross, at a SANRIO? That's pretty outrageous.
    I saw a fake tokidoki backpack in Kaneohe (HI)...it was tokidoki print on a backpack w/ a zippered compartment. blegh.