Fake toenails?!

  1. Hiya,

    I ripped the top outer corner of my big toe's toenail off :weird: a few weeks back, and it's healed and not painful but looks ghastly until it grows out - and I want to wear my peep-toed Kookai platform sandals! :love:

    I heard that nail salons will place an acrylic fake toenail over until the old one grows out, and they sell the kit to do them in chemists here, and I wondered if anyone here has ever used them and has an opinion on this?

    Back when I was modelling I used acrylic finger-nails but they'd always peel off eventually, so I'm familiar with the idea but I'm not sure how successful a toenail would be - I don't have fungal feet or any contra-indications. Have any of you ladies ever used them for cosmetic or practical reasons?

    It sounds so crazy, fake toenails, I don't know if it's worth the £9 investment to try it out!

    Any thoughts most welcome please? ;)

  2. When I was in Mexico a couple of years ago I tripped on a cobblestone street and cracked my big toenail, and about 1/3 of it (corner almost halfway across and halfway down) fell off a week later. I just polished what was left with some sheer nude polish and wore my sandals anyway. It really wasn't as noticeable to anyone else as it was to me.
  3. ^^^I agree, most people won't notice. I always get compliments on my nails, but never my toes.
  4. Hiya,

    ouch! :amazed: that sounds nasty.... thanks,I might give that a go, and I've just realised my feet are a weird shade of pale greyish pink too so some fake tan is on my to-do list asap! :lol:

  5. fake toenails are a common occurance out here in hollywood - it's the quickest way to get a snag fixed and be 'camera ready' in a matter of minutes. it shouldn't cost more than 20 $ USD
  6. I dropped a vacuum cleaner on my 2nd toe back in highschool. The nail fell off and took another 3 years to fully grow back. It finally grew in but in a funky thickened triangle shape instead of a normal nail. I was told that I probably damaged the "matrix" of the nail and that it will never be normal again. I've ignored it for the most part since I didn't think there was anything that could be done. I recently changed salons and was suggested at my last pedicure to try an acrylic on that toenail. I didn't do it - but will probably next time I go for a pedicure.

    If anyone else has done this I would appreciate the advise as well....
  7. I've never done this but I know someone who does. Her natural toenails are just unappealing to her and so she gets acrylic toenails. She always gets a French pedi and her feet look 1 million percent better!
  8. I saw my aunt buy some stick ons from the drug store...you might want to try one of those first. Smaller chance of infection (since the water and an open wound don't seem like the best combination) and I hope it all gets better soon.
  9. I've actually had this happen to me before, about a year ago. I rammed my big toe into the side of my bed, I'm very clumsy....man that night I not only saw stars, I saw the whole galaxy!...a chunk of my nailbed was torn off :sick:! Being the Leo I am (got to look my best) I always get pedicures and asked the techician to acrylic the missing piece, worked like a charm....with alittle touchup every 2-3 weeks it finally grew off in a couple of months.
  10. A friend of mine gets acrylic on her toe nails. She usually has them french polished and THEY LOOK FABULOUS.
  11. Thanks for all the input, I shall definitely think seriously about this now! ;)

  12. Ive had to do it a couple of times. No big deal ;just make sure u go back to the salon to let them take it off when your nail has grown back underneath and let it get some air or else your mail bed will look really jacked up!
  13. Never really thought about it...when mine broke I just let it be, but if it bothers you I say go for it.