Fake Tiffany Jewelry?

  1. How faked is it on ebay? I'm looking to buy a piece or two but I don't want to get burned by fakes. What should I look for? I don't have a Tiffany & Co anywhere close to me, so I can't go to the store :sad:.
  2. Unfortunately, its generally the "feel" of the piece in your hand that's a giveaway for a fake. Superficial aesthetics are pretty well copied by the fakers, but they often use cheaper metals.

    I'm not sure what pieces you're looking for, but some get so close to retail price that you might as well order from tiffany.com
  3. I'm looking for some silver Tiffany Pieces as well (mainly the Return to Tiff line) & it's hard to tell on ebay whether it's authentic or not. When I want to gauge just how faked an item is I always do a search on ioffer first to see how good their fakes are so I can try & see the differences between the fake & real ones. Anyways, I looked there today & there are a TON of fakes, all including the Tiffany boxes, auth card & packaging. So after that I'm just going to check out the Tiffany store when I can get down there, just for my own peace of mind.
  4. tiffany is sueing ebay at the moment because they did an investigation last year and found out that 75% of tiffanys sold on ebay are fake. i personally wouldnt buy tiffany off ebay...
  5. ^^^
    I read and was going to post the same thing. I'm pretty sure I saw it on the news too... If there is something you really want, just pay retail to be guaranteed the real thing.
  6. I'm looking for the open heart necklace basically. Does Tiffanys even still make it?
  7. The Elsa Peretti Open Heart necklace? They definitely still make it. You can check on their website for the different sizes and prices.
  8. Yeah I just got one for my birthday a few months ago and they definitely have it in stores. Someone was selling an open heart necklace on the marketplace a while ago, you might try looking up the thread there to see if it's still available :o)
  9. it's THE most counterfitted company.
  10. I agree, Tiffany is HUGELY faked, particuarly on eBay; if you shop at a knowledgeable, reputable, retail jewellers, you should be OK. As with fake bags, the difference in quality is apparent to the trained eye.

    I agree that it's shocking how much of the Tiffany on eBay is fake, though. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that Tiffany & Co. win that court case! :biggrin:
  11. You can always buy online...if you don't like than return. I know you can't see and touch, but you know the quality is there. It is just a matter of the piece being appealing to you.
  12. You are better off buying direct from Tiffany.com if you cannot go to their store -- nothing like having peace of mind. They have many, many models of their open-heart jewelry.
  13. You may also be able to call the store and have them ship, not all of their pieces show up online. If you're buying platinum or gold jewerly by Tiffany I think its possible to get a deal on Ebay but with silver I doubt it. I also agree with the above poster its about the feel of the jewerly, if you haven't seen the real piece in person, I can't imagine that you'd be able to tell. Also I've noticed people leave positive feeback on some of the obviously fake pieces, so you can't really go by that.
  14. I am a huge Tiffany fan and I also offered my help in purchasing a Return to Tiffany round tag bracelet to some friends of mine. They reused the help and bought a bracelet on Ebay. Well, two giveaways that it was fake: the rings of the bracelet were open (you could see the gap in the ring, whilst in the real thing the ring's ends are forged together. And the way the blue paper is glued on the box: in the fake you could see the straight overlapping on the angles (I don't know how to explain it otherwise). On the *real* boxes you don't see any discontinuity on the surface. They were so happy abouth their purchase I could not bring myself to tell them it was fake...
  15. I remember when Tiffany in NYC got robbed several years ago, the thieves took their loot down to 14th Street to try to sell it cheaply on the street and they were having a hard time making sales because there's so much fake Tiffany, that everyone thought the thieves' stuff was fake, rather than stolen. (Sadly, if they knew it was stolen, it probably would have been bought up quickly).